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Do’s And Don’ts When Buying Area Rugs

by Eva

Do’s And Don’ts When Buying Area Rugs

If you’ve decided to redecorate your home by yourself and you’re not sure where to start, it’s time to seek advice from internet experts. This article is the right one to give you all the info you need on area rugs and the biggest do’s and don’ts when it comes to them. 

Soon, you’ll realize that interior design is far harder than it usually seems, and details can make it or break it. Think twice and before every purchase, imagine how the piece would go with everything else you bought. The good news is, most of the time those little impulsive shopping mistakes are totally fixable. 

Buying area rugs – do’s and don’ts

Area rugs, unlike the wall-to-wall carpets, are something that’s usually centered and it puts an accent on the whole room. It keeps you warm and it acts as a barrier between your feet and the cold floor underneath. When choosing an area rug for their home, most people put the emphasis on the design and colors, however, we advise you consider the fabric well.

Apart from the decoration, a rug should keep you warm and also should be easy to maintain. You can have it all if you choose a rug wisely. For example, a houndstooth rug is handmade, 100% wool and apart from the elegant design, it brings warmth and instantly transforms the room into a brighter and cozy space. So, once you consider all aspects of quality area rugs we bring you advice on how to use them in the home decor to make the most of their beauty and practicality.

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Extend the area rug under the furniture

Every room has different elements to it. Let’s take the living room for example. You have a nice coffee table and sofa, possibly multiple comfy chairs. So, all that’s left is the area rug for the room to be complete. Carpets are outdated and interior designers often opt for smaller rugs that most homeowners adore. 

Rule number one when it comes to area rugs is that they must go under the furniture. Rule number two is that they must be centered, but that depends on the room and the position of your furniture pieces. The main thing is that you should aim for the rug to go beneath the sofa and the coffee table, or at least under the front legs of your sofa. That way, it’ll fulfill its purpose- to bring you comfort and warmth. 

Bigger is better most of the time

If you look at the prices on the area rugs, you’ll notice that the bigger they are, the more expensive they get, and that is only logical. But, price shouldn’t worry you, because if you buy an area rug that is too small, your room will look unpleasant and you’ll still end up going back to the store and buying the bigger one. 

Plus, bigger area rugs can be cropped and fitted to your liking, but you cannot do the same thing with smaller ones. Centering bigger rugs is also easier. When you think of it, buying a larger area rug is still a lot cheaper than buying 

Cover high-traffic areas

You should always cover the areas where you spend most of your time. The first reason is that it will keep you warm at all times, while you walk and stand there. Ofcourse, you need to make sure that the rug covers enough for you to put both feet on it while you pass it. If the area rug is too short you’ll be walking weirdly, it won’t be comfortable, and also, the uneven walking will leave weird patterns on your rug, so keep it wide.

The area rug in your bedroom should be big enough

What’s the point of having an area rug in your bedroom, beneath your bed if it doesn’t stretch further beyond it? You’ll be getting up and putting your feed on the cold floor. Other than giving you an instant wake-up, it does no good to you. That’s why your bedroom area rug should spread at least 18 inches on all sides of your bed. It will also give out the illusion of a bigger room if placed correctly.  If you have a smaller room, and placing the area rug in that certain position is not possible, you might want to consider having a full carpet for that room.

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Don’t put them in danger

Never put your favorite and most expensive rug in rooms where you eat, drink and walk with your shoes on. That’s where cheaper rugs go, and you keep your favorite ones safe away. It is impossible to prevent stains from happening, but you can definitely avoid most of them. 

Also, make sure to read about materials, how to clean them, and how to maintain your new area rugs. There are certain materials that wear out fast, stain easily, and once they get dirty, the only solution is to replace them. Fluffy area rugs get flat and hard over time, so make sure you take good care of them, so that they make your room cozy longer. 

Go bold

Area rugs will dominate the room, giving it some personality, and you need to put yourself in every corner of your home, so choose wisely. Don’t be afraid to mix up colors, patterns, and materials. The outcome will be amazing, and you’ll see how much of a difference a small detail such as an area rug can make to your room. No matter if you want to make it cozy, playful, romantic, or classic, the answer always lies in area rugs.

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