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5 Concrete Floor Finishes to Make Your Flooring Shine

by Eva

5 Concrete Floor Finishes to Make Your Flooring Shine

Ready-mix concrete costs about $120 – $150 per yard. If you’re shelling out that much for raw materials, your flooring should look spectacular when it’s finished.

With the right concrete finishes, you can give your flooring an expensive look. Here’s what you need to know about concrete floor finishes and how to pick the right one for your home.

1. Polished Concrete Floors

Polished concrete floors are durable, easy to clean, and come in a wide range of colors. You can buff polished concrete to different levels of gloss. The shine level you choose will depend on your preference and the amount of light in your space.

If your home has a farmhouse style, having a less shiny floor may be more appropriate. But if you live in a modern home with bright colors, a glossy finish will create a stunning effect.

A polish and wax combo is a good way to get an extremely bright shine. This finish works best on bare concrete floors without any sealant.

Concrete floor polishing can be a DIY project, but you should be careful not to damage the floor. Here’s what you need to know.

Start with a clean, dry surface. Remove any dust, dirt, or grease with a vacuum cleaner. Then, wipe down the concrete with an all-purpose cleaner.

Cover everything in your home before beginning the polishing process. This will protect your property from getting scratched or damaged.

Finally, use floor polish and a buffer to create a beautiful shine. Apply the polish in long strokes from one end of the floor to another. Then, use a buffer to buff it into the concrete until it’s smooth.

If you hire a professional for the job, ask if they can use the full chip system so the polish will take less time to apply. The pros at garageforce.com/full-chip-system say that it only takes about 3 hours for polishing to be finished with this system.

2. Stained Concrete Floors

Concrete stains are easy to apply. You can use them on almost any type of concrete surface, including polished floors like those found in restaurants. Staining is perfect for high-traffic areas that need an extra layer of protection from dirt.

Concrete stains come in different colors so they can provide uniform coloration or two-tone coloring. Most people who use two-tone staining put the darker color around doorways, where most foot traffic occurs.

Unlike other kinds of concrete finishes, a stain will penetrate the surface. Because it sinks into the pores of your floor, this finish won’t chip or scratch easily.

If you’re looking for a stain that you can switch up whenever you want to, consider oil-based stains. This product is typically used on bare concrete floors that have been sealed with an epoxy coating.

The oil base helps prevent absorption. This allows the stain to dry faster than water-based stains do, while still leaving behind deep color variations.

You’ll be able to see through most stains, so the natural abnormalities in your concrete will still be visible. This allows the concrete to keep its natural beauty while also providing a protective finish.

3. Concrete Floor Paint

With concrete floor paint, you have the freedom to choose whether you want a solid color or something more creative. You can create your own custom blends or choose from premixed concrete floor paint. This is a great option for those who want to personalize their space and make it truly unique.

You don’t have to reach out to a professional flooring company for this option if you don’t want to. Some homeowners commission artists to create custom masterpieces on the floor.

If you want to take this route, you must choose an artist who has experience with concrete floors. They’ll know how to seal the finished product so it won’t get damaged.

You should be aware that concrete floor paint is not as durable as other options. It will last longer than a simple sealer, but it won’t last forever. Expect to reapply this finish every few years.

4. Shot-Blasted Concrete Floors

Shot-blasted concrete floors are a unique option that adds an industrial flair to any space. This type of flooring is created by blasting the surface of the concrete with small particles. The blasting creates a textured finish.

You can choose from various sizes for your shot-blasted concrete floors.

If you want your floor to have large holes and an uneven surface, you can choose a large-grain shot. This will give your floor a rough texture. If you want your floor to have a smoother finish, consider a fine-grain shot.

5. Metallic Concrete Floor

Metallic concrete flooring is a great option for modern homes. Their presence can give your home a luxurious feel and an air of sophistication. Metallic finishes create an environment that’s bound to impress guests.

It’s also available in any color imaginable, from cool whites to vibrant reds and greens. So, whether you want something more neutral or dramatic, there will be an option that works perfectly with your vision.

You can expect this finish to last at least a decade.

Try Different Concrete Floor Finishes

Concrete floor finishes are a great way to add style and personality to your home. There are many finishes available, so you have plenty of options when it comes time for your project. You can even mix finishes for a unique look.

For example, you could use a polished concrete finish near furniture and use staining near your doors. It’s all about finding the right combination that works for you.

Find design tips in our DIY section. Our blogs may provide inspiration for how to customize your floors and other areas in your home.

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