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5 Effective and easy methods to increase your cucumber yield

by Eva

5 Effective and easy methods to increase your cucumber yield

Surprisingly, the most effective methods to increase yields cost pennies or are completely free. After all, in essence, everything depends on fertile soil, natural feeding, and timely, sufficient watering. 5 effective methods to increase the yield of cucumbers will be discussed below.

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1 – Correct planting

As practice has shown, planting cucumbers on a nettle “pillow” significantly increases the yield – sometimes 2-3 times! To do this, dig a 20 cm trench, put finely chopped nettles on the bottom with a layer of 10 cm, sprinkle with earth, sow seeds on top or plant seedlings, cover with foil at the end. This nettle “pillow” will gradually rot, releasing heat and nourishing the cucumbers with essential nutrients.

2 – Cop dressing with “green” fertilizer and ash

After the first 4 leaves of cucumbers appear, it is necessary to start “green” feeding. To do this, place nettles and other weeds in the barrel up to half the volume, add 2 liters of ash, and pour water to the top. Insist for a week. Cucumbers should be fed in the following dosage: 1 liter of green fertilizer + 1 liter of water. Cucumbers should be well watered before fertilizing. Also, for prevention, you can periodically dust the ground around the bush with ash.

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3 – Spraying with boric acid

For better fruit setting during flowering, cucumbers should be sprayed with boric acid: for this, 0.5 teaspoons of acid is taken for 10 liters of warm water.

4 – Watering with soda

Gardeners are well aware that soda is an irreplaceable assistant in the garden. Soda protects cucumbers from diseases, prevents the yellowing of leaves, allows them to quickly renew the lashes. Cucumbers should be watered 3 times per season. For 10 liters of water, 2 tbsp is taken ordinary baking soda. The first time should be watered at the root in the first decade of July, the second time – at the end of July, the third time – in mid-August.

5 – Hilling stems

This method allows the cucumbers to renew their leaves and stems, and add additional roots. To do this, the lower part of the cucumber stem should be lowered to the ground, if tied up and sprinkled with earth a little. The stem in the ground very quickly overgrows with new roots, and also sharply starts to grow. The lashes renewed in this way give more yield, fruiting is extended for another month.

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