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Four signs you might need to replace your roof 

by Eva

Four signs you might need to replace your roof

The roof is arguably the most important feature of a house and, if it does its job properly, it will keep you dry, warm and protected from the outside elements. But, if there’s an issue with the roof, it can lead to a number of problems. 

Depending on the problem and the location, some issues can be relatively minor and cause only cosmetic or surface damage, but others have the potential to cause major structural damage, especially if they’re left for any length of time. 

Let’s take a look at some of the common signs that suggest it’s time to replace, or at least inspect and repair, your roof: 

Water in the attic 

This is a common problem and can be caused by a leak in the roof or condensation. Identifying a leak is usually fairly easy as you’ll be able to follow the water spot back along the ceiling. If there’s an obvious leak, it’s time to check out the state of your roof tiles and call in a professional if you see signs of damage. 

If the water is caused by condensation and the space is damp, installing eaves ventilation can prevent the issue and keep the attic dry. This will also help stop the rotting of the structure. 

Moss or mould

If you see signs of moss or mould on your roof, then it’s likely there’s a damp issue that needs addressing. Check directly under the roof space for excess moisture and ensure there’s proper ventilation to stop any greater damage. 

Once the root cause has been identified and dealt with, you can get rid of any visible moss on the roof with a standard hard-bristle brush. 

Cracked shingles 

These are often a result of bad weather, such as the heavy rain and strong winds seen in the UK in early 2022, or lost granules (often due to an old and worn roof) that cause grit to collect in the gutter. Whilst they might not cause any damage at first, it’s vital to address the problem as soon as possible before they create a bigger issue, which could then result in an expensive roof replacement. 


This usually means there’s a structural issue and as such it needs to be dealt with as soon as you start noticing any signs of bowing in your roof. If left, this can mean the need for costly repairs or replacements as well as paying for any damage that occurs in the process. 

Whilst it’s possible to tackle minor problems yourself, it’s always recommended to get an approved professional to deal with any roof issues, especially if the inspection requires working at a great height. 


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