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38 Great DIY ideas with jars for the Christmas decoration of your home

by Eva

38 Great DIY ideas with jars for the Christmas decoration of your home

If you are thinking of what original decoration to create in your home for Christmas this year, try reaching for an ordinary jar. Jars have been very popular lately. The decorations created from the jar glasses are beautiful and at the same time very cheap to produce. Try to make a snowy decoration with the help of salt, sugar or white paint. Just smear the jar with  glue and then simply wrap / sprinkle it with salt or sugar.

25+ Christmas decorations in glass bowls that will enjoy

Christmas is one of the most beloved holidays of the year with many decorations and happy moments with the family. Decorations and ideas for them never end, and this shows our today’s article. Children love animal figures. Use some of the ones you have at home for Christmas decorations with jars: farm animals, deer or reindeer. Depending on the depth of the glass lid you want to use and how you want to see the animal, you can lift it with a little cork. Stick the figure and the cork on the glass lid. Once fixed, place the cotton on the floor to hide the cork. If the figures are very dry and there is no glue left, you can fill the jar with a little shine. Close the lid and let it snow on your Christmas ball.

Magnificent DIY ideas from glass jars and string lights for Christmas

You will find many other beautiful ideas in the following gallery. Start creating this year and save money for decorations from shops. You will fall in love with hand-made decorations. Don’t forget to involve children in the production, who will definitely enjoy it as well.






































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