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Modernize Your Home With These Simple Renovation Tips

by Eva

Modernize Your Home With These Simple Renovation Tips

We all want the best for our homes, whether we’re looking to create a cozy nook in which we can retreat or a sleek, minimalist utopia for modern living. Indeed, the appetite for the latter seems to be increasing recently, as smart technology helps homeowners realize their sci-fi dreams and build a truly modern home.

It is easy enough to buy Internet-of-Things devices for your home, from smart speakers to smart thermostats and beyond – but without a proper reckoning of your home and its features these can often feel like a superficial solution. Here are three ways you can engage with the fundaments of your home and introduce modern features to bring your home all the way into the modern-day.

Upgrade Your Lighting

Your home’s lighting is an intrinsic part of its aesthetic, from the design of the light source to the quality of the light itself. Backlighting and bulbs flush with surfaces are incredibly sleek-looking design ideas and can bring a home into the 21st century.

There are also some fun aftermarket ways in which you can modernize your home’s lighting; by installing smart-controlled LED lighting, you can use an app or even your smart speaker to control the lights in each room – and not just whether they are on or off, either. With the right smart lighting, you can dim and brighten rooms at the touch of a button or with a single word, and you could even change the light color in each room depending on your mood.

Replace Your Bath With a Smart Shower

Modernizing your home is a multifarious process, and there are some ways you can approach modernization that may be surprising to you. One effective form of modernization can be found in your bathroom, by replacing your bathtub with a walk-in shower.

There are numerous benefits to getting rid of your bathtub, the chief of which is the increased utility of your bathing space. Installing a shower enclosure means you can access quick washing with ease and without the hazard of stepping over the tub to get in. Shower enclosures are also more hygienic overall, and quicker to clean. The practical utility of showers can be enhanced by the installation of a smart shower unit, which enables remote activation and temperature control down to individual degrees – a truly modern convenience.


As fun and characterful as maximalist interior design can be, it is minimalism that has the most modernizing effect on any home’s décor. By paying close attention to the items and furniture you have on display, you can minimise excess clutter and refine your home’s aesthetic to simple, key statement pieces.

Start with your visible storage. If you have stand-alone wooden cabinets or shelving, consider getting rid of them in place of floating wall shelves. Also make sure to ask yourself: how many of the items on these shelves do I really want on display?

Next up, other items of furniture. Your coffee table may be oversized and bulky; would you benefit from freeing up floor space with a smaller one? Also consider if you need your footrests or ottomans in place. Apply this thinking to every room, and you’ll find yourself creating a brighter, airier, more modern home with ease.

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