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24 Terraces ideas of cottages that literally make us dream

by Eva

24 Terraces ideas of cottages that literally make us dream

Do you want to renew your terrace in style? Get inspired by cottage terraces! These outdoor spaces, located at the heights of paradise islands or in a bushland, are an inexhaustible source of inspiration for transforming relaxation spaces into outdoor spaces. Mydesiredhome reveals the most beautiful amenities of its kind to get away from it all without leaving your home. In the program: relax in the shade of a pergola, maximum relaxation around a small pool perhaps, summer meals… In short, a nice look at the sweetness of life in these corners of paradise here and elsewhere.

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Does the arrival of sunny days make you want to refresh your terrace, enjoy a welcoming place for lunch, relaxation or sunbathing? Cottage terraces are an almost inexhaustible source of inspiration when it comes to organizing and decorating your outdoor space. Bohemian style, rustic atmosphere or vintage references etc. Here are so many universes that make it possible to claim the style of a terrace, designed from the outdoors of houses located in the heart of the countryside or by the sea. We are happy to invite you to relax under shady trees or date with patented wooden furniture over time, ethnic rugs and decorative accessories. In short, all the ingredients for a full living room with a strong personality, are placed outside. Here are some ideas in images that may make you succumb to the desire to refresh your terrace from the “top to the nails”.

Escape from your home in your own amazing patio design – 20 amazing photos























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[…] patios, stone constructions, wooden terraces… regardless of the case, the cottages are an invitation to enjoy the countryside, many hours with unforgettable moments. Take a breath […]

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