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10 alternative uses of wallpaper

by Eva

The wallpaper is not just for sticking on the walls as we show you below. These 10 DIY ideas will teach you some alternative uses of this practical material. You can give a new look to any piece of furniture or complement only with a small sample of wallpaper.

A great idea to decorate and increase your storage capacity. These wooden boxes only need a few hands of paint and some wallpaper to cover the bottom. The effect is fantastic and the cost really ridiculous.

Amazing Industrial Look With Concrete Wallpapers


You can take a free sample and frame it, you will have a beautiful work of art to decorate the wall of your office or any other room in the house. You can use wallpaper designed by famous people, frame them and enjoy an authentic work of art for very little. Even, as we see here, you can combine a couple of designs without any problem.

The wallpaper is also useful for updating and giving a new life to any piece of furniture. This old bookshelf has been completely transformed only with a little paint and matching wallpaper. The self-adhesive decorated paper makes things even easier for us when we want to decorate a small piece of furniture. It is what was used in this bedside table to decorate the front of the drawers.

Wallpaper in the kitchen


Circular shelves with wallpaper lined background. A very simple idea and easy to make but tremendously decorative.

See all ideas in following images

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