She wrapped a tree leaf with a thin film & What she created in the end made all her friends get Jealous – video


Diy Decorative Leaf

Simplicity, beauty and originality

These are the words that describe this decorative work, which could win the “greatest convenience” award. You will need:

1 tree sheet (in this example a large sheet is used)
cement or clay


1. Put the sand on a plastic cover or spread a large bag.

2. Apply the sheet on the sand to give it a hollow shape.

3. Then place a ready mix of cement or clay (in this case, we chose to add green, but you can then paint it). Adjust the cement or clay consistency by adjusting the amount of water you add.

4. Push down to ensure that it is uniformly thick.

5. Cover with plastic cellophane for 24 hours.

6. If the sheet is grasped in the mold, let it dry and then remove any extra sheets using a hard brush.

 7. It’s ready! Now you have a beautiful sheet that you can use to decorate your home.

Diy Decorative Leaf2 Diy Decorative Leaf3 Diy Decorative Leaf4 Diy Decorative Leaf5 Diy Decorative Leaf6 Diy Decorative Leaf7 Diy Decorative Leaf8

Watch the following video for a step by step guide:


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