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What Security Systems Cannot be Hacked?

by Eva

What Security Systems Cannot be Hacked?

There are many things to consider regarding a home’s security. You shouldn’t look at the financial investments only; you should look at how safe the systems you want to install are. Security systems are advancing daily. However, there are still weak points in the new security systems. 

Technological advancements have seen themselves in home security systems making this a new target for hackers. You should focus on finding a less risky but efficient security system for your home or office premises. 

As much as we can’t have full-blown security systems, here are some systems that might be hackproof. 

Haicam Camera

Haicam has impressive security features. The E23, in particular, has a cool feature that uses end-to-end encryption to safeguard your camera’s video streams; no one else has access to your live or recorded video footage. Even the Haicam software developers are not permitted to view your feed. This fact demonstrates how much the company values your privacy and security.

Adobe lota Camera

 The Abode Iota starter kit uses hard-hitting bank-level encryption, topping out at a highly regarded AES256. There’s also the added comfort of knowing that your video feed and recorded content are uploaded to the Iota cloud but are immediately deleted if you cancel your membership.

Arlo Pro 3

Arlo prioritizes the security of your personal information. To begin, Arlo saves your video footage in the cloud for the length of your Arlo subscription. Your videos are automatically deleted from the cloud once you cancel. But that’s only the beginning.

Arlo employs industry-leading methods and practices to safeguard your account, including two-factor authentication and access approval for new devices to verify your identity.

How to Protect Your Security Systems from Hacking

Different technologies keep emerging today, which give hackers new techniques for penetrating security systems. Here are some of the ways you could protect your home from hacking;

  1. Unplug dormant devices: When leaving your home for a while, ensure you unplug devices that your house doesn’t depend on to operate while you’re away. Unplugging removes the devices from the security network and makes them unfindable.
  2. Reset devices you’re done using: if you stop using a system completely, reset the device to factory settings. Resetting wipes out the data and prevents someone from finding your information on the device. 
  3. Passwords: you should use a strong password to strengthen your system’s security. 
  4. Use secure protocols: security protocols encrypt data from the sender to the user. Choose a secure protocol that will protect your data from outsiders.

The most important way to protect your security system is to let a professional install the system: You should let someone who’s done this for a while do the installation and teach you how to use the system. Furthermore, all questions regarding the system should be directed to professionals.


It is difficult to stop hackers from penetrating systems, especially if you’re a target. To keep your systems safe from hackers, try tightening the system. Moreover, seek services from trusted companies with a track record of secure systems. 

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