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Weigela: An amazing shrub for your garden

by Eva

Weigela: An amazing shrub for your garden

Weigelas are an easy to grow shrub that produces masses of delicate trumpet shaped flowers, en masse in early summer. Available in many different sizes, there is a weigela plant to suit every garden.

Weigelas make the perfect garden shrub. Low-maintenance, they’re easy to grow and work well in a variety of situations, including mixed borders. The leaves of weigela are deciduous and range from dark green to light green, golden and variegated shades. The funnel-shaped flowers are a hit with bumblebees, and range in colour from deep pink to yellow, appearing in early summer.


When to plant:

Cooler months during spring or fall are the best time to plant to avoid transplant shock from extreme summer heat.

Where to plant:

Choose a sunny site with moist, well-draining soil. Consider a spot where you can enjoy the blooms from inside and out and watch the hummingbirds dart about.

How to plant:

Dig a hole to the same depth as the root ball and 2-5 times as wide. Break up the soil and mix 15-20% compost into the backfill. If the plant is root bound, tease out the roots or slice the root ball in several places. Set the plant in the hole and cover the root ball with backfill to just below the top of the rootball; avoid covering the top of the rootball or the stem with soil. Water deeply, then mulch with loose organic matter, avoiding the stem. Continue to water regularly until established.

Weigelas are easy to look after. Prune moderately, after flowering has finished. Established weigelas also respond well to hard pruning if they have outgrown their spot – you can cut back stems to ground level to encourage new growth.






















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