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Wall paint technique Stratosfera by Tilas

by Decorator


In our today post we will see another great wall paint technique.
is an ecological decorative covering that is easy to apply, breathable and resistant to scratches, mildew and damp. Its unique “matt/gloss” final appearance will enhance any setting with its continual moving light effect.



Preparation – Application

Apply two coats of primer diluted with 30% water, by using a short-haired mohair roller, leaving 3-4 hours between the first and second coats. Measure out the toner with the special syring according to the formula requested. Mix manually. Application by paint-brush: apply the product to around 2-3 mq at a time with criss-crossing brushstrokes, creating a “leopard skin” pattern. The pattern and the final effect (narrow pattern/broad pattern)  will depend on the distance between the “spots” and their size. Fill in all of the empty spaces left behind in the 1st stage with the same amount of product used previously, making sure that the pattern is uniform. For a smoother surface, use the special plastic float to flatten it.

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