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Wall paint effect Etnika by Candis

by Decorator

Etnika is a decorative paint from the Antiche Terre Fiorentine line that delicately refracts light to produce intriguing chiaroscuro effects and a rich depth of colour. This is possible thanks to its special water-based resins and natural raw materials.

Etnika is both ecological and washable, and it is also available in seven different base colours: Ethnic Bronze, Flamingo Copper, Antique Gold, Renaissance Gold, Pure Red, Antique Silver and Light Silver.

It only takes one brush coat to obtain an attractive decorative effect. However, if you want to push it to its full aesthetic potential, as soon as the paint starts to dry you need to rub it with a special plastic Candis trowel. The effect is magical and will give the walls of your house a silky look that actually feels like velvet!


Before proceeding with the decoration, make sure that the white base is totally dry.

Pour the chosen toner into the tin of Etnika and mix accurately with a spatula or with a mechanical mixer until the two are totally blended together.

Using a Candis  brush spread the decoration, working it with alternated and crossed intervals, on a 1-2 square metre surface.

The characteristic light-dark effect is obtained by passing over the decoration again with a dry brush to give origin to the design. It will be possible to accentuate such an effect by smoothing the wall with an  Candis trowel.

Complete the wall decoration by following the same procedure.

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