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Top 5 Interior Design Tips to Increase House Value

by Eva

Top 5 Interior Design Tips to Increase House Value

Canada is widely known for its booming realty market. Originally, Canada was not really in high demand but today with a strong employment market, low crime rate, affordable healthcare, diversity, excellent educational opportunities, stunning outdoors, and various other developments, it is steadily becoming the top choice for most individuals planning to relocate.

If you are a seller in such a remunerative market, you clearly have the high ground. Just like buyers you as a seller have to face intense competition and make your property stand out and appeal to the buyers. With so many options available at hand; you need to display something to the client that makes them certain “yours is the house they will buy.” To ensure this, many sellers undertake measures such as decluttering the space, freshening up the curb appeal, upgrading to energy-efficient resources, checking for seepage, improving lighting, and overall renovating the space.

Over the years, the population has recognized the role that interior design plays in boosting the value of a property. This is why so many people who are initiating a home selling process primarily get their property worked on by professionals.

You can begin with property inspections wherein you hire expert inspectors to look for deficits in your house. Get a thorough home inspection is done which will pave the way to determine the areas in the house that need a transformation. Home Inspections will lay down a foundation and you can then commence with refurbishing the space to increase its value. 

There are a plethora of interior design alternatives available in the market today. They might leave you perplexed and interfere with decision-making. To make it simpler for you; here we have come up with the top 5 interior design tips for your house:

1] Make rooms feel bigger 

Even the smallest house can look grand with the right furniture and its placing. When buyers visit your property, a cluttered and shabby space can disengage and condemn them. Expanding the size of the house has been found to have a direct correlation with increasing value. However, expanding the house might not be realistically possible, therefore, you can work on reinventing the house in a way that gives the illusion of being spacious. To do this, you can replace the furniture in your house and customize it to perfectly fit the space of your rooms. Connect with a designer and plan the arrangement of constituents in the room in a way that is a blend of aesthetic, functionality, and efficiency. 

2] Update the lighting in your home

“Present your house in a good light”; not just symbolically but also technically. 

Imagine walking into a dingy house with dim lighting. You will most definitely feel something is fishy; even if it is not. Light greatly dictates how we perceive things. Good lighting can bring the dullest house to life. Exquisite lighting can make your rooms feel larger by increasing depth and making your house look ravishing and bright. With the right set of lights, you can attract most prospective buyers easily. 

3] Focus on the paints 

Without colors, everything in the world would be somber. This holds true for your house too. If you truly want to improve the value of your property, do not skip on applying fresh coats of paints all around the house. Recent trends recommend going for neutral tints than the usual dark brown or terracotta. Paints are the most inexpensive, accessible, and easiest tool to rejuvenate your house within hours. 

Don’t forget areas of focus when you paint your houses like the walls with unappealing hues or old wallpaper. 

4] Renovate the kitchen and bathroom 

The bathrooms and kitchen of a house truly reflect the quality of the house. Buyers today are looking for stunning countertop materials, functional flooring, modern appliances, aerated space, and so on. Make sure you consult a designer for the same and since they will be aware of the current market trends, they can guide you the best. 

Don’t all of us fancy a relaxing bath? A contemporary bathroom and vanity cabinets offer your buyers a space that leaks tranquility. You can use modern technology and employ heat flooring, sensors, and so on. 

Further, remember that bathrooms speak a lot about the premises. An unclean and not well-maintained bathroom can cause intense revulsion in the buyers no matter how well kept all the other rooms are. 

5] Add storage

No matter how aesthetic your house is; if it can’t offer serviceability to the buyer, they will quickly lose interest. So, if you truly want to increase the value of your property, look beyond presentability and pay heed to functionality. You can add custom closets that render the buyer sufficient space to store and organize their belongings. 

All in all; your home setting or interior design should be such that buyers are filled with awe the moment they walk through the door. It should help them visualize their life at your place. Only if you are able to successfully do this; can you make your home value increase.

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