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Things to Know about Hiring Interior Designers in Sydney 

by Eva

Things to Know about Hiring Interior Designers in Sydney

A house with well-designed interiors looks alive, happy, and breathes freely. Free from congestion, clutter, or randomly installed furniture, it is inviting, efficient, and comfortable. You long to return to such a house because it lifts your mood the moment you step foot.

No wonder interior designers are in high demand in Sydney and New South Wales. About 98% of private dwellings in Sydney are flats, and 0.2% are separate houses (according to the latest data available).

But regardless of which property people have, hiring professionals to transform its appearance is necessary. Doing so will also increase their property’s value by a significant margin, especially if they decide to sell it in the future. Further, a carefully decorated house makes it highly functional.

If you’re thinking of hiring interior designers for your home in Sydney, here’s some information you will find helpful.

Why should one hire local designers and consultants?

Before hiring designers, folks should ensure the designers and consultants are local or have experience working in the Greater Sydney region. Local professionals will be familiar with the lifestyle and aesthetics of the city, as well as the latest design trends. 

For example, some of Sydney’s latest interior decorating trends include incorporating natural colours, less minimalism, having antique pieces in the living room, and using more natural stone for tabletops. 

However, only the professionals will know which style is suitable for your home and will explain to you the reasons before choosing it. They will plan every aspect of the decoration meticulously, carefully considering things such as materials, colour palette, finishes, textures, art, and accessories. 

Types of services provided by designers

The specific range of services varies from company to company, as can be seen at https://novaricollective.com.au/sydney-interior-designers/. However, here are some that a reliable and experienced organisation will provide.

Interior Design

Design concept development

The professionals will plan a functional, practical, and attractive design for a new building, renovation purposes, or cosmetic refurbishments. A design concept provides an overall idea of the project and the house’s appearance when it’s complete.

According to the New South Wales Design and Building Practitioners Act, 2020, interior designers handling projects for Class 2 buildings must submit a design compliance declaration approved by the architect or draftsperson, so that is something you should ask the company to manage beforehand.

Spatial planning and furniture layout

Spatial planning is one of the essential components of interior decorations. It involves an analysis of the present physical space and how it can be utilised optimally by the members. 

Furniture layout deals with how chairs, tables, beds, drawers, and cabinets are arranged in the bedroom, living room, and other rooms. The objective is to enhance the home’s appeal using the existing furniture and, if necessary, installing new ones. 

Material and fixture selection

Selection of material and finishes refers to paint, flooring, wallpaper, and cladding. Choosing fixtures refers to tapware, internal hardware, lightning, PC, and electrical items that best suit the house’s decor. 

Before having any electrical item installation or lightning work carried on inside the house, you should ensure it complies with the electrical safety standards set by the NSW government. 

You should also ensure they follow the lighting restrictions determined by the Building Code of Australia (applicable to all cities across Australia, including Sydney).

Custom joinery

It deals with wardrobes, wall units, study joinery, kitchens, bathrooms, and vanities. 

Interior decoration

It involves the selection of furniture, rugs, accessories, homewares, window treatments, custom upholstery, art selection, framing, and hanging.  

You should hire professional interior designers from reputable sites to give your house the makeover it deserves or decorate it from scratch in a new one. A nicely designed home is full of life and makes you enjoy every moment of your presence in it. 

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