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Summer Planter in 20 DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise

by Eva

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise

Knowing how to make up your summer planter is not easy. To associate the most beautiful flowers of the season to make of a simple potée a small scented Eden is even less.Like all of us, flowers need a good dose of sunlight, to flourish and to enchant us with their beautiful colors with shimmering reflections. What summer flowers to choose to create a colorful planter? How to position the summer pots to transform the outdoor space into a beautiful ornamental garden? Choosing the right seasonal flowers is not enough to succeed in creating a summer garden. You should also familiarize yourself with some basic rules regarding pot cultivation. So, if you are determined to relook your outdoor space by dressing it with a host of flower boxes filled with summer flowers, you just have to inspire our compositions that breathe the opulence of summer shades .

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The successful summer planter is undeniably the best way to beautify all areas of our outdoor space. Whether it is to create a visual continuity of the most aesthetic or to highlight a particular area, the choice of a pretty variety of summer flowers is self-evident. What varieties can bring a touch of color to our garden? Read carefully the following lines to learn all about the composition of a successful summer planter.

Whatever their sizes, shapes, colors or perfumes, summer plants contains to amaze us by their majestic postures. It is therefore not surprising that we often crack for these wonders that look like falling flowers, ground cover plants or aromatic herbs. Depending on the space available, we can easily adapt our summer planter to the style imposed on the outdoor space. Simply make our choice and the trick is played. Of course, among so many extraordinarily pretty varieties, making her choice seems almost mission impossible. Fuchsias, calibrachoas, geraniums, flowering plants with golden tones, your potées are eager to welcome all these species to the unequaled beauty.

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Golden pompoms, aerial foliage, flowers with velvety touch or jagged shrubs. Your summer planter could host all these varieties, without exception! A large number of associations stimulate our imagination and creativity, with the aim of creating a unique combination. A summer planter that will be at the origin of a garden that resembles us. This is the purpose of our mission: to unveil the secrets of a garden that respects not only the principles of landscaping, but also takes into consideration the aesthetic perceptions of each individual.

Let’s see how to choose the seasonal flowers to compose our summer planter. The range of variations is never exhaustive. You just need to be careful not to commit an odd by avoiding the wrong combinations. As for the choice of flowers and plants, know that the majority of summer compositions always give pride of place to the timeless beauty of pelargonium, known as “geranium”. Any self-respecting summer gardener must imperatively accommodate at least some of these royal-looking species.

Several criteria to take into account when choosing plants for your potées. Their location is one of them. It is according to the exhibition of the place where we want to place our planters, that one selects the plants and flowers of season. Floral arrangements are always made according to the surface and the orientation of the chosen place. In other words, your summer planter can only accommodate a composition of flowers adapted to the external climatic conditions. If there are a large number of flowers that appreciate the sun’s rays, you should also know that there are so many other varieties that do not support excessive heat. The latter therefore need a rather shady place.

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If you opt for plants that love the sun, you must imperatively place your summer planter in a place bathed in light. Before proceeding to this step, please take a look at the sun plants that can be used to build a summer planter. These plants will, of course, be your allies of weight in the creation of a motley celebration composed of colorful potées. To bring a note of gaiety to your balcony, terrace or veranda, do not hesitate to mix species such as anthémis, gazania, osteospermum, euryops, verbena, petunia or ivy geranium.

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise2

Pair your summer planter with four or five species selected according to the theme set up. Modern gardens favor graphic compositions devoid of colorful fantasies. On the other hand, the creation of a verdant space of exotic inspiration is as harmonious as rich in exuberant hues. So, we do not hesitate to multiply the floral arrangements that overflow with gaiety and good humor. The same rules are applied for shade plants.

Several summer plants that adapt to shady places. Here are the species that you can integrate into your summer planter, even if it does not have the chance to enjoy the rays of the sun: tuberous begonia, fuchsia, hosta, blue fescue, periwinkle, impatiens, lobelia and lamier. Selected for their spectacular flowering, these varieties will seduce you with their foliage with reflections both luminous and shimmering.

Finally, shaping the summer planter can have a high impact on the overall appearance of outdoor decoration. Embellish the seasonal flowers of a coat as variegated as their fairy foliage. Pot enamelled ceramic, a terracotta bin, a cache-pot of minimalist spirit .. choose a model of container that will put the sight.

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DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise6

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise7

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise8

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise9

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise10

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise11

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise12

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise13

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise14

DIY Ideas to Create a Floral Paradise15

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