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Painted arches: a cool way to bring a space in life

by Eva

Painted arches: a cool way to bring a space in life

Not sure how to bring a boring white wall to life? Want to bring vibrant colors to your living room but don’t want to overdo it?

A drawn arch can be a way out for you. I chatted with craftsmen who have mastered the art of painting arches in their own home and shared tips for those looking to join this fun trend.

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Where to draw the arch

The arch is extremely versatile and can appeal to both minimalists and maximalists. It can create a more focused space within a lively room, drawing the eye in and allowing that space to appear calmer, or an archway can create a more interesting visual effect in a minimal space.

Keep in mind that all the attention will be on your design, which is why it is so important to choose the appropriate location.

If your wall is white or neutral in which you can add some bright hues, then you’re in luck. Or perhaps you are just dealing with a wall that has proven to be problematic due to its location in your home. So why not make her beautiful?

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What colors to use when creating an arch

If you are nervous about choosing a color, I would go for neutral or pastel. Find inspiration in furniture or rugs you already own. Are there shades of green on your carpet? Bring it to your walls! And it’s okay to do a little research first. There is no shame in taking paint samples from a hardware store and comparing them to furniture in your room.

You can find some more optical inspiration ideas in the images below













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