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New uses for knobs

by Decorator

Like precious jewels knobs are one of the home accessories  that can bring renewal by simply changing them.

Cabinets in the kitchen will look more modern, wardrobes will have more character and a simple chest of drawers may look expensive by replacing wooden handles with porcelain or glass-like sparkling diamonds. The various design on the market combined with a little imagination can make handles look differently. Here’s some ideas for handles made ideal and impressive … hangers!

A DIY construction that you can make with an old wood you found on the beach or forest and some nice knobs that you will find in old markets.

Pendant for towels replaced by old door knobs, and whole space have a new personality.

Take metal knobs for doors, paint them white and hang over them your bracelets for a shabby chic look.


More ideas…..

Images via: printerest

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