Home Decoration ideas Monstera: A hardy and adorable tropical plant in your home’s interior design

Monstera: A hardy and adorable tropical plant in your home’s interior design

by Eva

Monstera: A hardy and adorable tropical plant in your home’s interior design

Monstera is an evergreen plant with large glossy leathery leaves that have characteristic slits and is an excellent indoor plant choice for our home and office as it survives even in low light.

Originally from Mexico, the monstera is slow growing and gives us a few leaves each year. The heart-shaped young leaves of the monstera can exceed half a meter in length and gradually the plant can reach a height of 2-3 meters.

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Care instructions

Light: Prefers a bright spot with indirect light, but will also tolerate moderate shade for some hours. Avoid direct sunlight.

Watering: Water when the soil starts to get slightly dry at the top. Keep the soil moist at all times, but too much moisture can cause trunk and root rot.

Temperature: Monstera deliciosa likes warm conditions and prefers a range of 18-27 °C. Anything lower than this will reduce the plant’s growth rate. The room temperature should never fall below 12 °C and it should not be placed in a place where there are cold drafts.

Humidity: Prefers medium to high humidity levels. It cannot deal with dry air situations. Increase the humidity in the area by spraying its foliage in the morning hours if necessary.

Fertilization: Apply a fertilizer suitable for green plants once a month during the growing season. Do not apply fertilizer during the winter.

Growing Media/Repotting: Repot every 2-3 years using a good quality potting soil, adding perlite for better water drainage.

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Care Tips: Wipe the leaves occasionally to remove accumulated dust. Use a tube of moss to support the plant (the roots will cling to it for support).

Extra tip: The young leaves of the plant are different from the mature ones. Cleft leaves appear next when conditions are ideal.

Height and growth rate: Slow to moderate growth, but depends on conditions. Final height 2-3 m.















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