Home Garden Meet plumbago, the blue jasmine for your yard and garden

Meet plumbago, the blue jasmine for your yard and garden

by Eva

Meet plumbago, the blue jasmine for your yard and garden

Everyone asks me “what is this flowering plant every summer with blue flowers?” Everyone is impressed by the semi-climbing plumbing that covers railings and pergolas. Let’s go see details…

Let someone finally tell us, responsibly, what is happening with the plumbago and people have gone crazy. So, it will happen today. We will talk about Plumbago auriculata. Or else you may hear a blue jasmine. But you know it’s not jasmine and it doesn’t even have a scent. It is semi-discarded, ie it does not produce long shoots to be wrapped in railings and pergolas. But, it produces stronger long branches, which are good to be attached to a railing, pergolas or wall.

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Plumbago does not have special requirements for soil quality, as long as there is good drainage. Planting plumbago on the ground, adding pesticides or some compost to the planting hole will help a lot in its growth. If we plant the bulb in a pot, we will need a soil-rich plant. Plumbago thrives in sunny places and the more sun it receives daily, the more it blooms. We should be aware that plumbing is sensitive to strong winds and frost, so it is a good idea to provide it with a safe place in the garden or on the balcony.

The big extravaganza is its flowers. It comes out non-stop from spring and until late autumn dense blue flowers. As I tell you, you can see it blooming even in November, depending on the weather. Plumbago comes out with a white flower, but who cares? Everyone loves it for the special blue.

These flowers, when dried, can stick anywhere. You will pass by and they will stick to your pants, your fringe, your sleeve, your slipper, your cell phone. Everywhere. And it will stick everywhere and it will be transported, and you will find it in irrelevant places, where you do not expect it. It needs frequent cleaning with care from the dried flowers, so that it constantly produces new ones and looks fresh all the time.

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In winter it will shed most of its leaves and will fall into a little lethargy, to rest from the fatigue of summer and its flowering. In the severe cold, with degrees below zero, the plumbing will probably shake the petals. Prune it low at the end of winter and if it produces new leaves from low, it is alive. Otherwise you will have to plant a new plant.

And a secret for Plumbago
In recent years, new varieties of plumbago with flowers in the colors of pink, bright blue, and white have been created.














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Zoe July 3, 2020 - 11:39 am


It’s such a beautiful flower but I’m wondering whether it’s toxic? I read an article about its toxicity …
Many thanks!

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