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How to visually enlarge a small yard

by Eva

How to visually enlarge a small yard

Even a small courtyard can seem spacious if properly designed. Learn about the ways of improvement of the site, which visually increase its area.

Properly organize the space

Most likely, you think that delimiting the space of the local area is a completely useless exercise. In fact, quite the opposite. Efficient organization is the most important thing when arranging a garden.
Determine what each zone will be for. Highlight the dining room, recreation area with a stone patio or separate the playing area from the dining area. And suddenly it turns out that the space has really expanded.

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Do not forget about the free space in the backyard

Trash cans are usually placed in the backyard and stored. And often it is completely ignored by the owners. When used correctly, these precious square meters will help to expand the space.
Include a backyard in your landscape plan. Plant spicy herbs or set a table at which it will be pleasant to drink a cup of coffee in the morning. Place for garbage cans can be found in the garage.

Add something special that makes you want to be in the yard more often.
Arrange on the patio area, add a barbecue area or a place for a fire, set up a fountain or arrange a cozy reading corner. Add whatever you want. In this place you should be pleased to be.

To increase the visual space, install a gazebo or pergola. You can hang a swing and make an alpine slide. The height of these structures and objects creates the illusion of large space, while the objects themselves add a zest to the site.

Choose the right trees
Choose those trees that do not grow in width. Columnated plant varieties and dwarf shrub varieties will not “eat” space.

Decorate the dining area above ground level or install a gazebo on the landing with a fireplace and barbecue area. You can also arrange a terrace with a seating area. It will make room for planting flowers and plants.

If there are neighbors living next to you, then most likely you will want to install a fence to hide from prying eyes. We recommend not to do this. Without a fence, trees and plants on the site will appear to be part of the overall landscape of the area. The yard will increase visually.

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Use vertical gardening
Fans of gardening often clutter up the territory with bushes and flowers. Vertical gardening is recommended to expand the space. Hanging baskets and designs, seated with plants and flowers, look great on the site. You save square meters and at the same time add rich colors to the landscape.

Make reasonable purchases
For example, for a patio arrangement, always buy versatile furniture. These can be folding chairs, a portable fire pit, or dual-use furniture or you can make it yourself. If you need more space, you can take them to the garage at any time.

Avoid straight lines and corners
In order to create a feeling of spaciousness, use curved lines and outlines. This can be a path in the garden or landscape edging.

Keep extra items in the garage
If possible, do not leave tents, awnings and storage containers in the area. Keep garden tools, outdoor equipment and children’s toys in the garage.

In following images you can have some optical ispiration that will help you to visually enlarge a small yard

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