Home Decoration ideas How to turn an ordinary glass vase into an amazing decoration

How to turn an ordinary glass vase into an amazing decoration

by Eva

How to turn an ordinary glass vase into an amazing decoration

If you have a large glass jar and want to be enchanted by a creative moment, then this article is just for you. Specifically, we have prepared for you a rich collection of inspirations and ideas on how to turn an ordinary glass vase into an amazing decorative piece. You will not need special construction tools, but simple tools that are commonly used, such as scissors or string. So, if you have a matching glass jar, you can get inspired by the photos in our gallery and start creating. Do not be afraid of difficult processes and enjoy the creative process itself. There are really many options and it is up to you to choose. Do not forget to get even the youngest members of the family involved in the construction, for which it is a great opportunity for excellent motor skills.

Wonderful DIY ideas to decorate greatly your glass jars

If you already have similar decoration at home and want to share it with us or design many other great decorating ideas, visit us on our Facebook page and show us your ideas. All you need is a good idea, imagination and a little manual dexterity, then the result will be worth it.

But there is not need to say more, the constructions are simple and do not need many words, just look at the pictures in the collection below.

How to make yourself the most fashionable DIY vases


















Images via: Pinterest

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