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How to make yourself the most gorgeous and elegant autumn vase

by Eva

How to make yourself the most gorgeous and elegant autumn vase

This vase can become the symbol of autumn. Fallen leaves have already begun to deteriorate with the first rains. With a little effort and a little imagination, you yourself will create such a warm little home decor.

Wonderful decorating ideas with DIY rustic vases

1 blank – spherical glass jar without drawing.
decoupage glue.
multicolored skeletonized leaves
A knife or a small spatula
A sponge (like this for dishwashing);
any liquid in alcohol.

How to make the fall vase
Clean the jar with alcohol to remove dirt and grease, otherwise, the leaves will not stick well to the jar.
Use a pallet knife to apply the decoupage glue to the glass.
Now create a texture with a sponge. Here you can play, it all depends on your imagination. Some people prefer a smooth surface, others – rough, like water ripples.
Then stick the leaves in the jar.
At the top, apply a little more decoupage glue and create a beautiful texture by drawing a palette knife along the veins of the leaf.
Allow the jar to dry. This will take at least one day.

How to make yourself the most fashionable DIY vases

That is, your vase is ready. Ideal for small dried flowers. You can fill it with gel balls, or shells. Put a candle at the bottom and you’ll have an original lamp for the endless autumn and winter evenings.









For more details on how to make an autumnal vase from skeletonized leaves, watch the video:

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