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How to plant and care for brachyscome, amazing photo composition ideas

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How to plant and care for brachyscome, amazing photo composition ideas

Brachyscome is an ornamental crop with small beautiful flowers that can completely cover the leaves during flowering, rarely found in gardens, parks, and home gardens. But it has been cultivated all over the world for more than a hundred years. You can get acquainted with the landing and care of the brachycome, as well as like the photos below.

The birthplace of brachycome is the southern and western parts of the Australian continent, Tasmania and New Zealand. In total, there are about five dozen species of this crop, which can be both annual and perennial plants. Graceful and thin shoots cover leaves with a whole surface or are strongly dissected. Basket-shaped inflorescences are located at the ends of the shoots one by one or several pieces in brush-type inflorescences.

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Flowering begins in June and lasts up to 3 months, depending on the variety. But the most decorative period, when the flowers completely cover the entire plant, lasts from 3 to 4 weeks. After that, the number of flowers is gradually reduced. Ripened small seeds are ready for harvest in September. They perfectly retain their germination for 2-3 years, subject to storage rules.

The most famous and popular varieties of brachykome:

  • Brachyscome “Blue Sissy” attracts attention with light pale blue inflorescences with a yellowish center, which stand out against a green background of openwork leaves.
  • Brachyscome “Swan Lake” is a mixture of plants with pink-lilac, blue, white, and bluish inflorescences, and yellow, brown, and black centers. Lush bushes of this variety reach a height of about 25 cm and quickly form a continuous flower cover.
  • Brachyscome “Purple Baby” attracts attention with original purple-bluish inflorescences with a dark center and white edging. Annual graceful loose plants will decorate the flower bed and front garden in front of the house for several summer months.
  • Brachyscome “Blue Baby” is distinguished by two colors of flowers. It is especially interesting that in blue inflorescences the center is painted in a blue-black hue, and in blue-lilac inflorescences it is tan. This combination looks interesting and original.

Planting and Care

For brachyscome and its varieties, only well-lit areas with permeable, moderately moist, nutritious lands with a sufficient content of sand are chosen. There should not be excessive moisture at the place of permanent cultivation. And also the site must be protected from strong winds and constant air currents.

The place for growing must be dug up to a depth of 20-25 cm and carefully leveled. Plants are planted so that between them there is from 15 to 20 cm. Brachikoma grows quite quickly and forms a continuous carpet of shoots and flowers.

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Caring for this culture does not require any special knowledge or effort. Watering plants is carried out infrequently, as the soil dries. In the middle zone of our country, it is needed only in hot and dry times. In the southern regions, watering should be regular, since a strong lack of moisture reduces the flowering time and its splendor. It is worth remembering that a strong drying of the soil can lead to the death of the brachyscome.

To maintain abundant flowering, the bushes are pruned, and the cuttings are used for rooting. Cut off parts of shoots 8-12 cm long easily form roots in a short time in sandy soil.

Brachyscome is practically not affected by any diseases and pests. Only in years with strong temperature fluctuations in hot weather can powdery mildew appear.

Sometimes this species attracts the attention of snails, which feed on leaves with great pleasure. To destroy these pests, garlic or mustard infusion is used, as well as preparations “Thunder” and “Thunderstorm”.

Brachycome in landscape design

This unpretentious, flowering plant is perfect for retaining walls, alpine slides, and rocky gardens. Low, heavily branched, lush bushes gracefully hang from the rocks, softening the sharp corners, and covering the ground between them. Also, the brachyscome looks good in the foreground in flowerbeds, borders, and borders next to various plants. It can be a mountain and Carpathian bell, Armeria, yarrow, stonecrop, rock geranium, and its varieties.

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It is worth saying that this culture is great for growing in hanging pots, and containers, as well as in various mobile vases and containers. It can be combined with pelargoniums, marigolds, dichondra, petunia, zinnia, tobacco, and night violet.











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