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5 Things to Think About When Converting a Garage Into a Living Space

by Eva

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5 Things to Think About When Converting a Garage Into a Living Space

Are you looking to extend your living space? Many homeowners find the need for more space whether they find themselves working from home, adding to their family, or simply in need of a bit more space at home. This is why many end up moving, but a great alternative is to convert your garage into a living space. This can end up being easier, cheaper, and more convenient, but there are 5 key considerations when converting your garage.

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  1. Permissions

First, it is important that you check whether or not you will need to obtain permission from your local planning authority to convert your garage. You will need to check as converting a garage into a separate house is likely to require permission and you do not want to start a project and then find yourself in hot water with the local council.

  1. Planning

This is also a project that will require a lot of planning and is quite different from converting a space that is already in your home. You will want to think about the best way to use the space and work out how much you can afford to comfortably spend. Keep in mind that projects often run over budget, so you need to give yourself a buffer when establishing a budget and spent time researching your options to keep the project on budget while also ensuring that it is still completed to a high standard. 

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  1. Insulation

It is important to note that most garages are not insulated, which means that this will be a very cold space without installing insulation during the project. You can install thermal plasterboards as a way to retain heat and prevent cold air from entering the garage, which will help to create a comfortable living space. Just make sure that you use a reliable plasterboard adhesive that will fill gaps between the boards and the wall.

  1. Raise the Floor Height

Leading on from this, you can also raise the floor height and replace the garage door for extra insulation if required. Garages are usually built lower than the house so adding sleepers and then using laminate flooring or something similar to cover the floor.

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  1. Cover the Electricity Meter/Boiler

It can cost thousands to move a boiler or electricity meter, which is why you should instead simply create a wooden unit to keep these safely contained and hidden from view when converting your garage into a living space. 

These are 5 key considerations when converting a garage into a living space. This can be a smart way to extend your living space as well as add value to your property, but it is also a project that requires proper planning and careful consideration in order to create a comfortable and practical space.

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