Home Garden Greek garden and yard: 42 wonderful inspirational ideas to create a holiday atmosphere

Greek garden and yard: 42 wonderful inspirational ideas to create a holiday atmosphere

by Eva

Greek garden and yard: 42 wonderful inspirational ideas to create a holiday atmosphere

Greek Gardens have an almost lavish and ostentatious feel to them, but they are far from formal. Greek Gardens may incorporate straight lines and curves with geometric shapes constructed using simple stonework while inculcating a charming array of all kinds of plants and flowers, and outdoor furniture spaced about, inviting visitors to lounge upon.

Modern Greek gardens consist of indigenous flora, along with a plethora of features that are typical of Grecian gardening. The plants and trees used in the garden conform to the warm arid climate of Greece. Since Greece subsumes within the Mediterranean region, Greek Gardens are also known by the name Mediterranean Gardens.

Variations of Greek Gardens include using smaller numbers of plants in each bed to allow for each variety to stand out by itself, using statues and artifacts amply, and banking upon various interesting shapes and colors in trees and shrubbery to design a pleasing landscape.

Cool, natural stone is ideal for recreating that Greek walled garden vibe, evoking a sense of rustic charm and authenticity.

When you think of suitable garden color schemes for Greek-inspired backyards, crisp white and cool blue are likely to spring to mind. They are the national colors, after all. Plus, many buildings in Greece are painted white – useful for reflecting the hot sun – with that quintessential blue tone used across roofs, window frames, and doors.

Naturally, a big part of Mediterranean culture is the food. And what better way to enjoy it than sharing dishes with loved ones out in the fresh air, elbow-to-elbow around a large table?

A shaded and leafy spot for relaxing is ideal for Greek garden ideas. To recreate the look, you’ll need to introduce pergola ideas or some other type of overhead structure to support your pick of the best climbing plants.

Grape vines are a failsafe option for the theme if you have a sunny and sheltered spot. You’ll be rewarded with architectural foliage and bunches of fruit (remember to pick a dessert variety if you want to enjoy your crop without turning it into wine, first). Passionflower is another lovely choice for its eye-catching blooms.

Greek Garden Plants

Here goes a list of some essential plants in a Greek garden:

  • Crape Myrtles– It is during the summer that these plants are blessed with blooming flowers. During autumn, the leaves turn yellow or red, before the leaves severe themselves from the tree. Crape Myrtles should be pampered with direct and full exposure to the sunlight, else they would be assaulted by fungal and mildew problems.
  • Greek Oregano– This perennial plant has an affinity for well-drained soil. The ideal period for its growth is the driest part of the year when it receives additional moisture from water. It is used extensively in Greek cuisine.
  • Rosemary– Rosemary plants grow tall and erect. They boast thick, dense, and narrow leaves and unlike Crape Myrtles, they are immune to fungal invasions.
  • Cyprus
  • Euphorbia
  • Succulents and drought-resistant perennials
  • Evergreens
  • Lavender
  • Oleander
  • Olive
  • Poppy
  • Sage

Greek Gardens may harbour flowers, herbs, fruit trees, and succulents, all in the same garden.

Decorate the space with large terracotta pots and wall ornaments (we love the use of plates in this scene). And, for a real sense of Greece, plant a flowering bougainvillea tree somewhere sunny to be trained as a canopy overhead – the pink blossoms are sure to bring everyone joy.

Whether you want to go bold and shake up your landscaping, or just opt for some new garden decor ideas, it doesn’t have to be too tricky to recreate a Greek vibe. Perhaps a traditional white-and-blue scheme, drought-tolerant planting picks, and characterful accessories will fit the bill. Or, maybe all your plot needs is a cozy dining space fit for sharing meze platters (and perhaps an Ouzo). From luxe Santorini-inspired looks to relaxed Crete vibes, you’ll find plenty of Greek garden inspiration in our round-up of styles.







































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