Home Garden Gentiana calycosa – A herbaceous perennial blue plant for your garden

Gentiana calycosa – A herbaceous perennial blue plant for your garden

by Eva

Gentiana calycosa – A herbaceous perennial blue plant for your garden

The herbaceous perennial plant Gentiana calycosa is a species of gentian known by the common names Rainier pleated gentian and Mountain bog gentian. It is native to the mid-elevation mountains of the western United States and Canada from the Sierra Nevada of California to the Canadian Cascades. The flower is a funnel-shaped cup opening into a five-petaled face 3 to 5 centimeters wide, in shades of deep blue to purple. The plant has hardy, thick green leaves on the thin red stems from which the flowers are borne. Like other gentians, G. calycosa is an attractive mountain wildflower good for use in alpine gardens.

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The attractive funnel-shaped flowers of gentiana calycosa are blue or deep purple in color but whitish inside, with thin blue stripes and rows of green spots, the green patches persist at the base of the five lobes, which are somewhat pointed at the tip. In between are five much smaller projections, irregularly divided into two or more fringes. Flowers are relatively large, well over an inch in diameter, and bigger than the small green leaves. Plants are creepers, mostly rising just a few inches above the ground but they can grow up to one foot. Flowers are usually single; one per stalk.

Common names: Mountain bog gentian, Rainier pleated gentian
Family: Gentian (Gentianaceae)
Scientific name: Gentiana calycosa
Main flower color: Blue
Range: The Pacific states, west to Utah, (west) Wyoming and Montana
Height: Up to 12 inches
Habitat: Moist, open, mountainous areas at medium elevations
Leaves: Opposite, oval or heart shaped, slightly cupped, quite thick; lower leaves fused around stem. Up to 1 inch long
Season: July to October






















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