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4 Warning Signs of a Leaking Roof You Need to Know

by Eva

4 Warning Signs of a Leaking Roof You Need to Know

A leaking roof can be dangerous if not identified on time because on top of puts your family at risk of injury when the ceiling falls. It also damages your house, which depreciates its value and you have to incur extra expenses for repairs.

So to be on the safe side, you need to identify a leaking roof early before it causes bigger damage. Are you wondering how? Following are the warning signs that reveal that you have a leakage in your roof.

  • Ceiling Stains

You need to check your ceiling from time to time, especially during the rainy season. If you identify stains on some parts, then you need to check the root cause of them. It isn’t just about giving the ceiling fresh paint to cover the stain, but you should check your roof.

The good news is that the stain gives you a lead on where to start from and look for the part of your roof that is leaking. You need to fix it immediately as it can cause bigger problems like rotted framing, destroyed insulation, and mold among others.

  • Mold on Your Exterior Walls

If you identify mold on any of your exterior walls, you need to take action because that is one of the warning signs of a leaking roof. This explains why you need to always take time and look around your house to detect such instances early enough before the damage is too big.

The best way to handle the situation is to use a tape measure and note the distance of the mold. Then use it on the roof to find out the leaking part. You can also hire the best home remodeling contractors to help you identify the cause.

  • Dripping

You need to pay attention to any dripping inside your home during heavy rain. You need to first ensure that all the taps in the house are closed and none is pouring water. Then examine if you can hear any dripping sounds in your house.

Moreover, after the rain, you can as well check for any wet areas in your home. This is because if your roof has any leakage, you are likely to find evidence of some water leaks. You can also look out for ice dams during the winter season.

  • Damaged Plumbing Vent Boots

Plumbing venting boots are normally made of plastic and metal. However, they sometimes develop cracks with time. The rubber boot around the pipe also rots and is torn, which gives water a chance to enter your house via the pipe.

It is important to always check your plumbing vent boot and examine its condition. You may replace it on time if it is out of shape. Or you can hire an expert to fix it for you if it is still in good condition but needs a simple fix.

Identify a Leaking Roof on Time

Embrace the above tips to easily check if your roof is leaking and you can hire the best home remodeling contractors to fix it.

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