Home Decoration ideas DIY home decoratin and Crafts ideas with Chicken Wire

DIY home decoratin and Crafts ideas with Chicken Wire

by Eva

You can use chicken wire to recycle furniture, mirrors, windows and old picture frames. It is easy to secure the flowers or other accents to the chicken wire so that you can change your decorative accents every season.

It is equally good for large projects such as lampshades and small ones as jewelry organizers.

Chicken wire is durable and inexpensive, so you can use it in your yard and garden, as well as in your home.

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Outside, you do not have to stop in the chicken coop when using chicken wire. Attach hanging cabinets and wall shelves in your garden.

You can also make an outdoor screen for your patio. You can also use chicken wire for purely decorative outdoor projects.

Try using it to sculpt a dragonfly or other animal, and display it in your yard.

Buy a chicken wire and try some of these designs. You will appreciate the touch of fantasy that the chicken wire contributes to the decoration of your home.
























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