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Decorating the home of your dreams

by Eva

Decorating the home of your dreams

If you’re a brand-new homeowner, you probably have a lot of plans. When you live in rented houses and apartments, there’s a limited amount of freedom that you’re allowed. Typically, you won’t start any significant redecoration project, as the property isn’t actually yours. That can leave you feeling a little frustrated. After all, even if the place where you live has a pleasant layout and the furnishings and decorations are excellent, you might feel like it’s missing your own personal touch.

After you move into your own home, there are no more limits. In fact, the only thing holding you back after you have your own home is that there are only so many hours in a day, and you have other things to do as well. There are also budget constraints. It’s not easy purchasing brand-new pieces, particularly in the current economy, and you can find yourself struggling to pay for everything you’d like to have in your house. It’s not a good idea to accrue debt to create the home you’ve envisioned, so you must start off with a plan before you start the redesigning work.

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Consider the budget

It’s easy to see home redecoration as a purely creative endeavor, but the truth is there are some practical considerations you should keep in mind. The first one concerns the budget. If you don’t think carefully about money matters before commencing work, you might discover that you’ll end up with a handful of costly items and not enough money to go around for the rest of the things you want to buy.

Creating a budget means you’ll get a realistic approximation of what you can do and will know how to adjust things accordingly. If you can’t fit everything you’d like to buy into your budget, you can look for a similar item that’s more cost-effective. You can even decide that the style you wanted to do initially might not be all that great. There’s a wide array of products out there you can have your pick and choose from, and it’s not a good idea to get fixated on things. Keep your options open, and you can discover some true gems.

The green corner

No matter what home design you’re looking to create, you should try incorporating a few patches of green here and there. Indoor plants can provide a splash of color to any room and work great as decorative pieces. They help make the air cleaner, and taking care of them can have therapeutic effects. If you’ve been struggling with occasional bouts of anxiety or stress, looking after a plant can provide a quiet respite from worrying.

When you’re looking to incorporate plants into your rooms, you must also look into the flower pots you’ll use. Elho offers a sustainable selection of planters, so you don’t need to worry about bringing any kind of harmful materials indoors. If you’re worried that your green friends might struggle due to your busy schedule, get the self-watering insert that makes taking care of plants a much easier task.

You can also get balcony pots if you want to extend your green corner to the outdoors. Depending on the space at your disposal, you can choose flower pots that allow you to garden vertically. For example, you can turn the balcony railing into a veritable oasis. The designs of the planters can also inspire you to try different flower and plant arrangements and see what suits your home best.

Surrounding yourself with nature will pay off. Research shows that there are many benefits for mental and emotional health, and it’s imperative to have plants around you in urban environments, where green is generally a seldom-seen color.

Choose a design

Much like in the case of budgeting, you must start decorating your home with a clear design in mind. Before you set out to decorate, you must decide on the style you want to create. This will help you come up with a cohesive arrangement, and it’ll also help you determine which items to buy. You won’t waste time looking at things that don’t fit the general ensemble, and the risk of spending money erratically is significantly reduced.

Some of the most popular types of interior design you can look at for inspiration include:

  • Transitional: One of the most common design choices for homeowners everywhere, this is the style you want to choose if you can’t decide between traditional and modern. The transitional design is a blend of vintage and modern, mixing antique pieces with postmodern items. 
  • Traditional: Inspired by the 18th and 19th-century designs but with modern twists that adapt it to the contemporary world, this is the style you want to choose if you like romantic and idyllic scenes. The main features of the traditional style are materials such as silk, velvet and damask upholstery, ornate wood and layered colors and textures that add timelessness and glamor to any space. 
  • Minimalist: Much has been said about minimalism over the past few years. While some have declared themselves fans of the styles, others have taken a more critical view. If you number yourself among those in the first category, you’ll want to create a space that incorporates the bare essentials. Simplicity, clean lines and uncluttered space characterize minimalism. Functional furniture and neutral colors are the most common combination. You can add primary colors here and there as an accent, and there are many ways to get creative storage solutions with your furniture. 
  • Industrial: This style relies on incorporating building materials into the room. This includes exposed rafters, concrete, brick and reclaimed wood. Open floor plans are a popular element of the layout, as they’re reminiscent of the factories that inspired the style. Antiques, textiles and artwork pieces are common additions.

There isn’t a single type of dream home that can fit everyone’s expectations. You must decide what the perfect home represents for you, then start creating it bit by bit. It takes time and creativity, but you’ll love the end results.

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