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Deco trend: Put blackboard paint on everyday items and write everywhere

by Eva

The madness of the blackboard is not limited only on the walls and furniture (see HERE) but has “hit” and objects we use every day: from coffee mugs and jars till spices up our shoes!

So to decorate smaller surfaces, the most appropriate is our favorite is blackboard paint in a matte finish. The acrylic paint (blackboard) with high strength is available in many paint companies in a 100 ml package, enough to paint pots, glasses, containers, etc.

Blackboard dining room decorating ideas


You will not only find it in black. You can choose the blue, green or purple hue. All three colors are selected so that you can write comfortably on your surface with white or colored chalk on whatever subject you use.

You can paint a bunch of things by converting a part of them (or even the entire objects) into a writing surface! Decorate glass, porcelain, wood, metal, stone, ceramics, and plastic.

Check many ideas to get inspired, in following images.

blackboard paint ideas1

blackboard paint ideas2

blackboard paint ideas3

blackboard paint ideas4

blackboard paint ideas5

blackboard paint ideas6

blackboard paint ideas7

blackboard paint ideas8

blackboard paint ideas9

blackboard paint ideas10 blackboard paint ideas11 blackboard paint ideas12

blackboard paint ideas13

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