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Christmas best decoration ideas part two

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It is the time of year when everyone’s thoughts turn to Christmas decorating for the holidays. You can create some beautiful decor with some easy components that can be found either in nature or from what you may already have within your home. Create a Festive, Sparkling Holiday haven  with the following festive decorating ideas. So today after Christmas best decoration ideas part one  we will finish with part two ideas.

So next we want to address some outside Christmas decorations to greet visiting friends and neighbors. Wreath’s are the simplest way to dress up a front door. For your own flair and style you can purchase an evergreen wreath at many grocery stores or home centers. To fit your holiday style add any color bow, wire on ornaments, pinecones or berries to fit your own holiday style.

Or you can treat yourself to a particular theme. For a wonderland look you can use some silver snowflakes and stars secured on a green wreath. For additional interest add some floral sprays to eliminate the need for a bow.

These days most craft stores sell pine cones that are prewired for use in holiday decorating. Look for the proper size to fit your green wreath, wire them in a circular direction. Garnish with some twigs and berries for a festive look for your front door.

Another terrific holiday statement for your front door can be said with the plainest of wreaths dressed up with ONE great bow.

 To form an interesting wreath for a kitchen door bargain cookie cutters can be hot-glued together. Arrange them inside of a circle drawn upon paper to the size that you desire. Should you wish to use the cookie cutters later they may be wired together( tighten wire with pliers if necessary). Top with a colorful bow for a delightful holiday greeting.

Although very prickly a holly wreath makes a lovely holiday statement. Since real berries tend to dry up and fall off you can garnish with artificial berry clusters purchased from a craft store.

For texture and visual interests, florists often create wreaths with a variety of greens. You can get this look on a budget with a premade wreath and by adding various leaves and pine cuttings. These may be wired in if necessary.

The center of any holiday decoration for the home is a beautifully decorated Christmas tree. You can create your trees decorations to suit your decorating style or to showcase your family’s personality. The following are some examples to carry out a particular color scheme or decor, or to showcase your family’s personality.


     This particular tree, is based upon a theme, Santa’s Workshop. You can acheive this look by blending some traditional favorites, red, green, and white ornament balls and filling in with some cute shimmery reindeers and by topping off your tree with a quirky elf tree topper. A lighting tip is to use 3, 100 light sets per foot for a real tree, and 50, light sets per foot for an artificial tree.

     For a rather decadent looking tree use white lights, glittery Christmas word ornaments, and gleaming ornament balls.For extra glamour top your tree with an oversize shear bow, with cascading tails. To make this tree glow from within, you may divide the tree into three triangular sections. Plug in your first set of lights and position the last bulb at the top of the tree trunk. Begin by zigzagging the lights in this section being careful not to let the cord overlap. At the end of the first string plug in the next set of lights and continue to zigzag until you reach the bottom of the tree. It is wise to not exceed 300 lights from end to end. Repeat this process in the other two triangular sections.

If you are looking to be different you can make your Christmas tree one of a kind by using colorful ornaments instead of the traditional red, and green ones.For a fun and youthful look,use white lights and wispy gossamer garland, and bright felt ornaments hung from polka dot ribbon along with some hand written Christmas sentiments such as Peace, Love, Joy, Hope.

To bring some serenity to an often hectic holiday you may choose to do a blue and silver themed Christmas tree. To provide this peaceful scene use soft white lights, beaded garland and sheer ribbon with blue polka dots. Add some sparkly penguin cut-out ornaments, some glittery disco ball ornaments and top this fun and light-hearted Christmas tree off with blue and white gossamer bow.

 For a very unique and whimsical Christmas tree you may wish to go with a Frosty the Snowman Inspired tree. For this you will need to use a White artificial Christmas tree and craft or buy a white papier-mache’ head. Place atop your white Christmas tree, space three black ornament balls down the center to represent buttons, secure silver branches to the center for arms, position some black rain boots under the base to simulate feet. Finish your Frosty the Snowman tree by wrapping a red scarf around the base of the headm and decorate the body of the tree with silver snowflake ornaments and transparent balls, don’t forget to top Frosty off with a black hat! To keep white trees from looking too busy you may wish to use minimal lighting or choose to go with none at all.

For another easily crafted and friendly and festive look. Use simple blue, red, yellow and purple paper stars, strung with colorful pieces of ribbon to hang them, and multicolored lights. Top this fun-filled tree with a printed ribbon bow tree topper.  To make a bigger impact use several strands of twinkly  and colored lights paired with some reflective ornaments as well.

For a sweet, radiant and shimmery tree rather than scattering red, silver and gold balls evenly over the tree, place them in clusters on the same branch. Use delicate ornaments trimmed in gold glitter and gold plastic candle ornaments fill in the gaps with some simple snowflake ornaments. Use an elaborate red and gold bow with fluttering tails as a tree topper.

     You may choose to go with a Christmas tree themed to highlight your family or reflect it’s heritage. The following is an example of a Scandanavian themed tree. Swedish and Danish flag garlands along with straw, felt, wooden and glass ornaments were used. To give your tree a bold look use larger lights, this will take up more room and lesson the need for more ornaments and will result in a less crowded look.

You could also turn your Christmas tree into a family scrapbook by photocopying pictures and gluing them to silver paper frame them with rickrack, ribbons or other trims. Fill in the remaining bows of the tree with small apples, kumquats and other vintage-style ornaments. To enhance the color scheme rather than detract from it, choose lights in a color  that matches your key ornaments, in this particular example it was orange.

Good luck in your … Christmas decoration!
But … no matter how long time you have to decorate and what options you have – the most important …: your home emits warmth, comfort and love. Smile more and to love one another! Happy Holidays!

By Ocean eyes

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