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Children Room Design Ideas

by Decorator

A kid’s bedroom is one place where you can be creative, bold, and adventurous while trying to give the child his own personal space. A child’s bedroom should be so designed so that it reflects a vibrant expression of his taste and personality. However, it should also be functional so that his possessions can be properly stored, and he may use the room for studying as well as playing.

Here is a list of children bedroom ideas to assist you design a fun and funky space –

The easiest method to design an impressive is by selecting a theme for the room. Try to determine whether the room is used more play or for study. If the room is more like a children playroom, keep the theme creative, colorful, whimsical and playful. On the other hand, if it is more like a study room, adopt a simple and inspiring theme. Few popular themes you may choose are nature, storybook or cartoon characters, space, animals, sea world, etc.

Paint is another lucrative idea to make a statement in the room. You may consider painting the wall the bed is on with a single color so that it seems like an extended headboard. The other walls may be dressed in complimentary colors, or you may consider design polka dots or stripes on them. Another idea is to allow your child paint a wall with his art work.

Try introducing varied decorative accessories in the room to complement the children furniture. Area rugs are a great thing to start with as there is a wide variety of area rugs available in the market. Simple lamp shades can be purchased and made funky by adding beads to the shade or fabric. Other accessories which you may employ are bean bags, valances, bright bedding, photo frames, and more.

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