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Amazing and easy decoration ideas from tree strumps and natural wood

by Decorator

Any furniture or wooden object before it is given  its final, commercial shape is just … a piece of wood.
And for sure the wood processing , generally, requires expertise  and the appropriate professional tools, but it is not necessary for you to become carpenters in order to convert a piece of  natural wood into a pretty simple piece of furniture or decorative object for your home.

You can use “dead”  trunks you will find fallen in forests , especially in winter, when trees can’t stand the strong winds, but it is much simpler if you buy them from a place which sells  firewood. They don’t sell  trunks of medium or large sizes  all year round but towards the end of summer, the season they are equipped with new wood, you will easily locate such items or you can order them to be brought to you at home.

If you like the natural and rough look of wood and  it fits in the overall decor  of your home you don’t have to do anything else. Place the logs anywhere you want and use them as tables and chairs.
The same but  a little more “elaborated” result will give you  if you remove the outer skin of the logs completely . You can  do it by using any sharp tool you have and your patience.The most suitable logs to make tables or seats are those of pine trees, which usually have more  symmetrical shape than for example those of the olive trees, but of course you can use any kind of wood you prefer.
Tree Stump  and natural wood are perfect to create really unique pieces and accessories to use  indoors as well as  outdoors. Here are some ideas we found on the internet showing how you can decorate your home, and  you can make most of these things by yourself.

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