Home Decoration ideas Airplants: Plants without … roots for your home decoration

Airplants: Plants without … roots for your home decoration

by Eva

Airplants: Plants without … roots for your home decoration

Their appearance resembles succulents but Airplants differ from them and from all other species of plants in that they do not need … soil and receive all the necessary elements for their growth from the air, through the tiny tiny hairs present in their foliage. . The genus Tillandsia to which they belong numbers more than 700 different species, all epiphytes, ie plants that in the natural environment thrive “hooked” on trees or rocks, in rainforests or deserts.

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Their rudimentary root system and the absence of soil make the airplants ideal for use mainly indoors. Some species never bloom, others have particularly striking flowers while several species during the flowering period only partially change color so that the whole plant looks like a flower.

While most species do not like light, they do not like direct sunlight, so avoid placing them too close to windows and prefer bright areas of the house but without the sun, especially in the summer months, falling on them most of the time hours of the day.

They are watered by spraying and immersing in water. The most appropriate way is to spray with water every 4-5 days and once a month immersing in water for about half an hour. The intense moisture in the foliage for a long time does not favor them and they should dry completely before … returning them to their place. In general, the species with thinner and longer foliage need more moisture, so in terms of watering from where you get them, ask for detailed advice for each species. A general sign that Airplants need water is the “curling” at the edges of their leaves.

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Fertilization once a month greatly favors their growth, flowering and multiplication and the special fertilizer for airplants is available ready in the form of spray for spraying. Propagation is by their tiny seeds. At the base of each plant a new one grows which when it grows old enough you peel it off and can be placed in another place like a new plant.

The fact that in fact the aerophytes are not planted but … are placed anywhere, as if it were an artificial plant, has established them in interior decoration not only in glasses framed with any kind of additional decorative elements-materials but also placed on wood, in shells, wire constructions, hung in any kind of small bowl-container etc.

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Airplants can be found in all large nurseries and respective eshops, they are also available in “sets” along with glasses, decorative elements, etc. In the eshops you will also find a variety of individual plants as well as ready-made compositions, glasses-containers, fertilizer. The durability and the reduced care they require in combination with the fact that their cultivation does not require a large space, flowerpot, etc. make them particularly suitable for decorating professional spaces. They are also suitable for use in impressive wreaths, combined with any other type of flower.













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