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9 Simple secrets for a rich Raspberries harvest

by Eva

9 Simple secrets for a rich Raspberries harvest

Raspberry is one of the favorite berries, as well as a rather unpretentious plant. Nevertheless, if your raspberry tree cannot boast of a rich harvest, then write down and apply the 9 secrets below, and the raspberry will give a rich harvest, everyone will envy.

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Secret number 1: raspberries love a lot of light, and therefore do not plant them in the shade.

Secret number 2: good and abundant watering is the key to a bountiful harvest and a healthy plant.

Secret number 3: raspberries, like any other crop, also love the right feeding; humus, compost and ash will come in handy.

Secret number 4: young shoots of raspberries, which appear during the growing season, must be cut with pruning shears.

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Secret number5: the ground near raspberries should be mulched regularly: then the necessary moisture and root system will be preserved.

Secret number 6: thick raspberry bushes must be tied to a trellis from the first year of planting.

Secret number 7: Raspberries are in dire need of regular fall pruning to maintain their ability to produce bountiful crops.

Secret number 8: do not forget that even raspberries need to be protected from pests, but preferably without the use of chemicals.

Secret number 9: after harvesting the raspberries, it is recommended to immediately process them – remove the branches that have already borne fruit so that they do not interfere with the young branches the next year.

















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