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60 home deco trends for 2019

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home deco trends

Those who want to understand the innovations in the home trends for 2019 must pay attention to the details. The quest for more openness and natural comfort is still there. They are accentuated by neutral expressions and nuances times, sometimes bringing the latter strongly by successful contrasts advantage. The difference compared to the past few years is in the small, but significant changes in the furniture and color constellations.

Living Trends for 2019 – Large pendant lights give the home charm and character.

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Shades from the depths of nature

In recent years, we discover ever newer blue shades. This year, they are often used as a supplement of the monochrome black and white color duo.

Accent walls which particularly strongly influence the impression of the room

Accent walls are much texture richer than ever this year. Concrete and wood paneling take various new forms and are richer in reliefs.

Walls in gray and metallic

Grey and Metallic are on the one hand as accents. But they are very often seen as a nuance to accent walls. Especially those that are gray, and imitate cement will be very topical.

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black and white

Black and white in the 2019 trend again. However, the addition of other accent colors such as yellow and blue, the current is very important. Further, the monochrome color combination in a particularly creative way has to be introduced. It would be interesting, for example, the Chevron pattern.

All in the same shade
One of the greatest achievements of the last few seasons in the design is the development of many new nuances and the same color. A kind of emanation of this process, we experience only in this season. It’s super modern, that a whole atmosphere is performed in only one and the same nuance.
Wooden chairs Furniture
Wooden chairs and furniture are there as accent pieces in each establishment. This is one of the new lifestyle trends for 2019. It should be emphasized that the environmentally friendly aspect is strongly represented. The wooden furniture and chairs should have been created from locally obtained materials.
Super large lights
It has worked in recent years very diligently because the furniture appears as straight and in space virtually disappear. However, this resulted in some cases in that all too appears empty. The new design trends are hoping to compensate for this disadvantage. This works particularly well by positioning large lights in the room. They are super functional and have a high decorative value.
What details would you, therefore, change at home to enroll successfully in the new housing trends?
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Original design pendant lamp
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