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54 Amazing outdoor succulent garden ideas – create an easy-to-maintain exotic garden

by Eva

54 Amazing outdoor succulent garden ideas – create an easy-to-maintain exotic garden

Outdoor succulents are increasingly preferred for creating lovely garden designs. They have a distinctive charm and are easy to grow. You can acclimatize several succulents in your garden provided that you do so from April. Otherwise you risk exposing them to frost and high humidity that they cannot stand. They are ideal plants for landscaped and modern gardens thanks to their minimalist aesthetic. The flowering of cacti and some succulents with special beauty and bright and varied colors is truly expected as a precious gift. Their biggest advantage is that they adapt well to hot and dry climates and do not require a lot of watering. They still need well-drained soil and enough light. Succulent gardens are often embellished with rockeries and gravel. These are not only a decorative component but also play the role of a mulch that drains the soil.

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Outdoor succulents – small arrangement of succulents in the garden

The type of garden you can create with outdoor succulents depends on your choice. Some succulents are small and inconspicuous, others are truly impressive in size. Some are thorny, others have no thorns, there are tall cacti that look like trees and succulents that have the growth of a shrub. You can use the smaller ones as cover plants and plant a few large cacti in different corners of the garden, use different species or play the card of repetition for a modern garden. For example, alternate a large cactus with a white stone or a clay pot or other decorative object by creating a minimalist line. Mini gardens created in a pot and located outdoors or indoors are also an interesting option, as are vertical gardens – in pallets, ladders, boxes.

Miniature gardens of outdoor succulents

If you are considering the design of your garden with outdoor succulents, consider paths and garden paving with natural materials. Walkways and walkways will help you take full advantage of your garden and will enhance the decor. In addition, they will ensure easy access to your succulents. To give more character to your garden you can create beds of succulents under the slope using an earthmoving machine, or if you have a naturally leaning place. This way you will also ensure good drainage. Accumulate stones or rocks here and there and cover the available space with small succulents.

All plants with leaves, stems or fleshy roots are called succulents. Succulents are categorized into family, genus, and species and come in a wide variety of wonderful plants to grow. Here are three families of the most common succulents that we are used to growing in outdoor gardens:

  • cacti – a family of succulents whose species bloom. Cacti should not be confused with succulents as they are part of the large family of succulents or succulents. They grow in barrels, vertical columns or branches. Foliage is reduced or even absen.
  • Asparagaceae which includes plants like yuccas, agaves, aloes and haworthias. Some plants of this family, such as agave and aloe, are used for the manufacture of cosmetic and pharmaceutical substances that have many therapeutic effects and alcoholic beverages. They are globular growing plants with branches extending in all directions.
  • crassulaceae – popular plants that form a rosette as they grow, very good for growing in groups because they multiply quickly. Most of these species are small but some of them reach the size of shrubs. They have thick leaves. The most popular families of this genus are echeverias, Kalanchoes, sempervivums, sedums.

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Here are some species of original succulents and cacti that can decorate your gardens, terrace, borders, spaces under your windows or the corners of your stairs

  • Ball cactus – this is an impressive cactus that is shaped like a hot ball and can reach the height of two feet. However, its shape is not regular. It is provided with thorny columns that decorate its entire surface. This cactus has a bright yellow bloom and a very desert charm which makes it very popular for exotic gardens.
  • Sempervivum tectorum (hens and chicks) – a plant of the family Crassualaceae which has the natural ability to multiply quickly and whose descendants are called chicks. The species of the sempervivum tectorum are about 3,000 and differ in color, allowing you to mix and match them and create a wide carpet of pretty plants.
  • Agave ovatifolia or whale’s tongue – a succulent of the agavaceae that grows quite tall and forms flowers ten to fourteen feet tall. The plant is very popular with its long, flat leaves in light green color. It is best suited for outdoor cultivation due to its large size.
  • Plush plant or echeveria pulvinata – a plant covered in white plush that shines in the sun. They like partial shade and can be grown in pots or in the ground. The plush plant should be repotted during the warmer months in well-dried soil
  • Bblack rose or aeonium arboreum – a rosette plant of dark burgundy color. Its flowering has a bright yellow color that contrasts with its dark foliage. It is best to plant them in groups in beds or borders and place the bed in full sun.Pprickly pears – very hardy cacti that can stay outdoors all year round. They grow in arid and semi-arid regions, originating in Mexico and adopted by countries in other continents. There are many varieties and colors. This cactus is an arboreal plant that can reach 5 meters in height. Thanks to its thorns and its spreading branch system, the plant can be used for the creation of living hedges. This cacti gives fruits which are called prickly pears or cactus
  • Pears Blue chalk stick or Senecio Mandraliscae – very versatile slow growing plant prized for its attractively shaped leaves and bluish color. It quickly forms a very beautiful carpet with leaves resembling slightly curved fingers. It can be planted in a pot as a trailing plant, in the garden to cover a chosen spot and as a border.



















































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