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10 Items for quick renewal of the terrace

by Decorator

renewal of the terrace

As temperatures rise, the more we appreciate the terrace of the house, which now in the summer becomes a leading role. For this reason the daily routine can become even more interesting with a few decorative touches that will give an air of renewal. The economic issue is the main factor that prevents many changes, but there are several ideas that can give satisfactory solutions. In fact many of these objects are already in the house and “waiting” to use accordingly.

  • Two statement hanging lanterns are enough to give a more distinctive image in the balcony.

  • Get two empty crates. Paint them and join them together, creating a cheerful coffee table.

  • Add a colored chair to highlight outdoor decoration.

  • If there are no furniture, Lay down large pillows and fabrics.

  • If you have carpets or rugs known as grandmother ones, then you can give away one vintage image without having to spend a single penny!

  • For more atmosphere and economy decorate with a garland of lights that load from sunlight. alternatively choose the led that consume much less energy.

  • Fill furniture with colorful cushions.

  • Stack of wooden pallets and create a comfortable sofa.

  • Get a hammock that you can hook on the wall. The feeling that you’re vacation will relax you even more.

  • If you have an outdoor space that you can not use due to lack of shelter, support over a white sheet gripping the walls or tree.

quick renewal of the terrace

quick renewal of the terrace1

quick renewal of the terrace2 quick renewal of the terrace3

quick renewal of the terrace4

quick renewal of the terrace5

quick renewal of the terrace6

quick renewal of the terrace7

quick renewal of the terrace8

quick renewal of the terrace9

quick renewal of the terrace10


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