5 Great ideas to create DIY carpets


I have great news to give you for a beautiful and much larger floor.  The house is like a blank canvas to start decorating for winter days. I had in mind already a lot of projects on the DIY decoration list and one of the first is to create a pretty carpet. I have not yet decided which technique I will use buti have found these are the five ideas that I liked the most.

Amazing Art Carpets by Alexandra Kechagioglou


With the cold wool is always a fantastic option to be warm and with this carpet you can have a nice feeling of warmth on your feet just when you get up in the morning. You can also create this carpet of pompoms for your pets. They are very easy to make and the result is beautiful. You dare? Follow the steps of Catarina Quare.


The trapillo is a very multifunctional material. We can use it to create a lot of pretty things like this simple DIY rug. You only need a mesh, a lot of cloth and a lot of patience. You can create designs or even shapes by combining the maya and the colors of the trapillo. Here you can see how it is done.


This carpet seems absolutely beautiful to me. Using the tones that best match the decoration of your home can give a unique touch to a space. The good thing about the trapillo is that the cotton can be put in the washing machine whenever you want and wash it as many times as you want.


Another very simple idea that this carpet with sisal rope that can give a nice rural touch to a space. For the entrance, for the patio … Discover how it is done following the steps of Yonolotirar√≠a in this tutorial.



And finally, a different project that invites us to decorate existing carpets. I thought it was a good idea because we can buy basic carpets and customize them with the designs that we like the most. A way to save. A project by Quetenque Romantico & Vintage.

I hope you have liked these 5 ideas. I really want to start working in my new workshop and even more to show you how nice everything is.

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