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Wonderful DIY decoration and crafts with nuts for Christmas

by Eva

Wonderful DIY decoration and crafts with nuts for Christmas

Nuts are not only healthy and nutritious gifts of nature throughout the autumn and winter. They are also wonderful natural handicraft materials, especially their hard shells. These have been used for generations to make tiny gift boxes, small sailboats, cute animals and other creatures, wreaths, garlands and Christmas tree decorations. Many people will probably remember their childhood when they picked walnut shells and played with them. Like the good old days, you can now do crafts with your kids the same way. You can find nuts in most supermarkets or, if you are lucky, even in your backyard or in your villages. Teach children how to break them without breaking the shells and you will have your snack while you create. Here you will find many ideas for crafting with nuts, as well as simple instructions for inspiration and quick imitation.

Beautiful DIY Christmas decorations from pine cones that will boost your festive atmosphere
































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