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TV: How and where to be placed

by Decorator

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TV shouldn’t be ‘left to its fate’ within a room but it should be  part of the decor, giving you the opportunity to watch your favorite programs comfortably.

Start by deciding which point is the focal one in your space: If you want this to be the TV then you should put all of your  furniture around it. If instead the focal point is the fireplace or the view from the balcony of your house, then turn the furniture in this direction and put the TV on the adjacent wall (ie at an angle to the center of the room).

If you don’t want the TV to attract attention , then place Tv in the center of a library or of some shelves, where, surrounded by books, photographs and decorative objects it will not  dominate the space visually. Of course, if you want, you can completely hide it by placing it in a cabinet with doors that move or simply close.

The fact that the latest TVs have very small thickness gives us interesting solutions. Eg we can place the TV in a small recess in the wall and hang a mirror in front of it. So when it is on we’ll be able to watch it, and when it is off  it is going to be  literally invisible.

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Do not forget that you can manage a Plasma or LCD TV as a work of art hanging it on the wall, alone or in a large frame.

Whichever way you choose do not forget to leave space behind the TV for proper ventilation and for organising the cables. Also if you want to place it on a piece of furniture specially designed for you or on one  plasterboard construction, as far as the dimensions are concerned, take under consideration that in the future it is likely to change unit.

With regard to technical requirements, you must know that the distance from the TV to the point where you sit should be about twice the height of the screen, eg a LCD 32 inch screen has a height of about 20 inches, so you should sit about 1 meter away from it.

Finally,  it should be put in such height  that  the bottom of the screen is at the level of your chest (and not higher than your chin) when sitting.

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