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Trellis – espalier: Rose arches and other Flower supports are visual highlights in the garden

by Eva

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Before the beginning of the summer season, we try to make our gardens as attractive as possible, so that during the hot months we can spend many pleasant hours in the friends and family circle. If you want to combine a real rich flower with a subtle scent in your outdoor area, then you have got the right website. We show you numerous garden design ideas, which are always practical and useful. Today we want to treat a special aspect of this great theme and write about the trellises in the garden. It is during these weeks that you need a support for roses and other climbing and gardening plants that promote their growth. What other benefits a trellis brings you, you will soon learn.

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Why do you need a trellis in the garden? Your dream, long to sit in the fresh air and admire the blooms of many garden flowers, can now be easily realized. Because there are the arbours, which for years have been considered absolute must-haves in the garden. These can be found in specialist shops or online in various shapes, colors and designs.

One thing is certain: the trellises are the best climbing aids not only for beautiful, fragrant climbing roses, but also for other gardening plants. First choose the place where you want to place a trellis. It can be freestanding, attached to the house wall or the garden fence and / or leaned against the wall. It is completely up to your personal wishes and preferences, which useful and ornamental plants you want to offer by a trellis best climbing aid. Such a construct also has great decorative properties. It can help with wall greening and provide magnificent roses, ivy, clematis or vine growth support. With its help, you can even create a magnificent vertical garden that will give you freshness and coolness in the hot summer days and will surely turn into a real eye-catcher. We must add one to the plus points of a trellis in the garden. Often, this construct is attached to a garden fence, where it plays an additional role. In this case, it serves as a perfect visual protection and stops the curious eyes of your neighbors or passing passers-by. The trellis is therefore a functional construct, which you should absolutely get if you want a beautiful and cultivated garden.

trellis in the garden1

trellis in the garden2

trellis in the garden3

trellis in the garden4

trellis in the garden5

trellis in the garden6

trellis in the garden7

trellis in the garden8

trellis in the garden9

trellis in the garden10

trellis in the garden11

trellis in the garden12

trellis in the garden13

trellis in the garden14

trellis in the garden15

trellis in the garden16

trellis in the garden17

trellis in the garden18

trellis in the garden19

trellis in the garden20

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