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The bedroom is where we start and end the day. It is only logical that we derive comfort and feel at ease in the bedroom, and one good way to do that is through bedroom design. Mirrors are practical and decorative pieces that should not be found wanting in the bedroom and home at large.

We use mirrors to check on our looks and dressing before leaving home. It is only logical that there is one in the bedroom since this is where we begin our day, assemble our outfits, and dress up for the day’s activities. This makes the mirror a functional must-haves in the bedroom.

Other benefits include making your bedroom appear more massive than its original size. This benefit is especially useful for a small-sized bedroom. Besides mirrors creating the impression of a large bedroom, they reflect natural light into the bedroom to create a bright and comforting atmosphere during the day. At night, the reflections create the effect of multiple sources of light when artificial lights are reflected. This creates a creative display and may set in motion a romantic mood.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways to incorporate mirrors into your bedroom design.


A freestanding wall mirror is, most of the time, a full-length mirror that allows you to see your reflection from head to toe. Freestanding mirrors are not hanged but usually placed on the floor to lean on the wall. At the same time, some often have a support frame for easy positioning.

For increased visual appeal and bedroom transformation, lean a freestanding mirror on one of the walls in the bedroom. For enhanced effect, place on the wall across the bed, and the reflection will make the bedroom feel more significant than it looks.

Not only does this make your bedroom appear large, but also it transforms the look of your bedroom from the one you are used to into an elegant and modern one.


Add some character and creativity to your bedroom with backlit LED mirrors. LED mirrors will provide your bedroom with a polished and lit area while complementing the existing décor.

There are several ways to incorporate LED mirrors in the bedroom. One of them is using an LED mirror for your makeup table or vanity. It ensures that there are no shadows in your reflections and that your face is fully lit. Shadows can affect how you apply your makeup or style your hair.

Besides a functional LED mirror for vanity, a horizontal LED lighted wall mirror is a great way to add style to your bedroom. This serves as a focal point that pulls the eyes, and it also acts as the center of attraction in your bedroom.

ANTIQUE MIRROR – Increased visual interest

Mirrors in themselves are great decorative pieces that transform your space and add a modern feel to your bedroom. Antique mirrors are the next best creative mirror ideas that you should incorporate in your bedroom design. 

Antique mirrors do everything clear mirrors do, but they introduce increased visual interest, creative appeal, and improved looks of luxury and sophistication into your bedroom. They bring two worlds together – the old world look that seems buried in history and the contemporary world that we have at the moment. 

An antique mirror used as a headboard will turn the view of your bed into a strong point of visual interest in the bedroom. A bold antique design will make the headboard into a strong focal point in the room. This brings an element of art and creativity into your bedroom space while complementing the interior décor at the same time.


Frameless mirrors are used more often than not for minimalistic design concepts. Despite this, frameless mirrors like the beveled round mirror evoke the feeling of style and elegance while acting as sharp statement pieces.

The use of a beveled round mirror in the bedroom will instantly transform your bedroom space into a minimal yet stylish one. You can use this either as a vanity mirror in the bedroom or for a more creative effect, hang on the wall right across the bed. It creates a minimal reflection of the beds cape with increased visual appeal.

MAKEUP MIRROR – Add functionally as well as complementing interior décor

The makeup mirror that is commonly installed alongside a vanity or makeup table is another way to enhance your bedroom design with mirrors. The makeup mirror allows you to be creative as several mirror styles can be used as the makeup mirror.

An LED-backlit mirror is a great mirror option and design that can be used as your makeup mirror or incorporated into your vanity. Another option is to include a rectangular antique mirror as your makeup mirror or for use in your vanity.

These designs will not only help you functionally but will also complement the décor of your bedroom.

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