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How we make Christmas bright panels with different designs

by Decorator

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An original building for a slightly more modern” festive decorations from theboldabode.com  which can take many different forms depending both on the shape (snowflake, spruce, star, Santa Claus etc.) choose and the material which will dial and can be any form of papercardboard or cloth to which you and add items such as glitter, synthetic snow etc.
On the internet you will find a great variety in sizes plans to use as a template” for creating shapes the Season See indicative here.

 After cutting the festive design mark at equal intervals on the contour of the points will be the lights, make the holes with the Perforator and glue it in the center of the canvas. With a pair of scissors or any sharp object serves you drill the holes boring and frame in the corresponding point. Go through one light on each hole on the back panel and …you are ready.


diy Christmas bright panels3



diy Christmas bright panels7

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