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How to make your garden wheelbarrow fits more

by Eva

How to make your garden wheelbarrow fits more

Garden wheelbarrow is one of the most useful tools for general garden care and the most practical way to clean the area after work such as lawn mowing, leaf picking, pruning, etc. and the greater its capacity the easier it will be for you. , whatever you want to move elsewhere or out of the garden.

Diy pots from old cloths and cement

A classic wheelbarrow with the proper additions can fit much more and become even more functional.

With thin wooden boards, a frame can be created as a large “crate” equal in length and width to that of the stroller, which will greatly increase its height-depth.

Insert the inside with a thin flexible sieve that will be secured around the main part of the construction, both upper and lower, by screwing a thin wooden lath. This same inner lath will, at the same time, hold the frame firmly on the wheelbarrow.

In a much simpler way, you can greatly increase the height-depth in a wheelbarrow using a wire mesh fence.

Cut a piece of mesh to the size you need, attach its cut edges with a bundle, and fasten it to the stroller with metal cloth clamps – which you will find in all tool stores. With the bundle fasten the pegs on the grid.
If it suits you, depending on the use of the stroller, you can leave an open spot on one side to make it easier to empty the wheelbarrow.

Source: soulouposeto | selbst.de

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