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Hanging beds – sweet dreams on a floating cloud

by Decorator

Hanging bed - sweet dream on a floating cloud

In southern latitudes, and many island states hanging bed familiar sight. For countries with a temperate climate, it might look exotic, if not baby cradle, which hung from the ceiling in ancient times. Today, designers are happy to use the bed hanging and suburban interiors, and urban apartments.

Hanging beds: forms and their features
Of course, to get away from the usual, firmly standing on the floor sleeping bed, is not easy. Floating hanging bed in interior design it is the prerogative of the brave and creative individuals. If you are going to solve the problem so, let us consider the subject of your ideas in detail. Let’s start with the form.

Rectangular hanging bed – a traditional form for a berth. It is most often chosen, because even in a suspended form, it fits easily into the interior and creates difficulties in planning. Fasteners bed by means of four wires. Suitable for children’s and adults bedrooms.
For safe sleeping bed on three sides equipped with bumpers. The head full of such models is not, but in the children’s models, it is better to do.

Round hanging bed requires thoughtful approach to its placement. Designers are advised to have such models on the terraces, spacious balcony, in a country house. Mounted on the product at one point in the ceiling, and several points arranged circumferentially bed. The round shape is perfect for a short day of rest in the country or in a private home.

There are models of square shape, but it’s probably the whim of the owner than a reasonable solution. For an adult with average growth you get a pretty big size bed, which is difficult to fit into the interior.

Advantages and disadvantages

The advantages of suspended models safely include the original constructive solutions and unusual locations in the interior. It is obvious that under such a bed easier mopping the floor. The space under the bed can arrange additional sources of light, giving the atmosphere romantic and intimate bedrooms mystery.

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