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Garden house inspiration – 23 imaginative ideas for your rest oasis in the garden

by Eva

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Do you just need fresh garden house inspiration? Perhaps, as a child, you have already dreamed of hiding in a fairy-tale cottage and running around with your friends. And even if not, then you have often thought of as a grown-up a small refuge, which is always close to you, right? Especially if you have a garden, it would be a very small garden, you can build or order a garden house from a manufacturer. We have gathered a lot of garden house ideas for you and would like to present them to you today.

Beautiful ideas of garden paths with wood

We love wood. That is why we have mainly focused on this material. Depending on taste, personal preferences, lifestyle, and financial requirements, you can opt for different types of wood and quality grades. Pine and spruce come first if you do not want to invest a lot. These woods are light and cheap, but unfortunately, they are not weather resistant enough. So if you want to enjoy your garden house for a long time, you should opt for larch. This kind of wood is weatherproof and can also be lacquered perfectly. Slowly it is also darker because of the sunlight, but this is not bad at all. This makes it even more authentic and effective. Robinie is also a very durable wood, which is always recommended for your outdoor areas. This hardwood needs no impregnation at all and is even suitable for paving.

A child-friendly garden

As a rule, however, most woods need the right impregnation against fungal attacks and insects as well as the appropriate wood care against moisture, sunlight, rain, and wind.
We wish you success and good luck.

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