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Fascinating Bonsai deco ideas that you will love

by Eva

Fascinating Bonsai deco ideas that you will love

Bonsai is the Japanese version of an ancient oriental type of garden art, be considered in the trees and shrubs in small vessels and aesthetically shaped. The word bonsai consists of the two words bon shell and sai plant. And if it is also Japanese, is the art, which it referred to, from the Chinese Empire.
In Japan, the art technique of bonsai developed under the influence of there widespread Zen Buddhism. So they wanted to represent the harmony between nature and man in a miniaturized, but realistic form. In this regard, each member of the Bonsai has a symbolic meaning. The tree symbolizes the living nature, the small stones and fine gravel the water and the forces of nature. And only if these three elements in perfect harmony with each other, the fine art of bonsai has also managed.

Bonsai as a hobby

Since the 50’s, many plants fans are fascinated by the art of bonsai in Europe. The reasons for this are as varied as the people themselves. Some are enthusiastic about the Asian culture, while others are avid gardeners who have much pleasure in experimenting. With much love and devotion the miniatures of large trees and shrubs from nature are launched and maintained. Every bonsai is characterized with a genuine uniqueness that is a true reward for the effort of its designer. Shape and structure of the miniature trees play a major role. Each building and plant, which has a woody stem or trunk, and right branches formed and has small leaves can be successfully designed to bonsai. The biggest target is a realistic representation of nature to produce.

The bandwidth of this hobby and this art is one of the mostcharming aspects of bonsaibecause it is a real challenge for the horticultural skills and the creative aesthetics of the artist. Even the selection of the appropriate cup for the bonsai requires much shrewdness and sense of beauty. Because they must support good, can accommodate the roots sufficiently and is also an important framework for the overall appearance of the bonsai tree. The proper care is very important, because the shells offer little space for earth, so that the stored moisture is depleted very quickly. Location, humidity, fertilization, rest and repotting are very important factors as with all other plant species. The good news is that you can find enough information about it nowadays, how to make and maintain a bonsai properly

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