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DIY Wreaths and other amazing creations from dried flowers

by Eva

DIY Wreaths and other amazing creations from dried flowers

Flowers are all around us and we are not just talking about nature. For hundreds of years, they have become a symbol of love, affection and gratitude and accompany us in the most unforgettable moments of our lives. So, whatever the special occasion, giving a bouquet of flowers is a timeless gesture to show your feelings to the person celebrating and more. However, after a festive event, we are often surrounded by thousands of flowering plants that we do not know where to place or how to keep longer. So here we have a brilliant idea: turn them into a decorative creation that will last over time simply by using an easy drying technique. A great tip for this time of year when we like to offer creative and fun activities. Have we caught your attention? So do not wait any longer to take a look at our wonderful suggestions and tips for creating – a wreath of dried flowers or other blooming creations – easily and on a low budget.

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How to dry flowers?

Drying the flowers is a great solution not only to keep them longer, but also to enjoy a fresh, natural and welcoming decoration all year round. There are different methods to try this. The best known technique is to let the flowers dry in the sun naturally. However, this takes more time, so if it is a faster result, you should switch to one of the other methods. We are talking about drying with a dryer (with or without a microwave oven) or a flower press. To give you a boost in this process, below we explain the two most popular techniques.

Method 1 / Dry the flowers outdoors

To use this drying technique you will need:
drawstring and scissors
stick or hanger
How to proceed
Start by choosing your flowers, favoring those that are not fully open as they may lose their petals during drying.
Remove any foliage from the stems. If, on the other hand, you want to enjoy a little green in your creations, you can of course leave a few leaves on the stems.
Group the flowers by species and make bunches (5-6 flowers per clone for the smaller flowers).
Tie the ends of each group of flowers with string.
Then hang them upside down around a wooden stick or hanger. If you find that the stems are too large, you can cut them a little.
Finally, hang the sticks in a dim spot (to maintain the color of the flower as direct light causes the petals to fade).
Wait 3-4 weeks until the flower petals are completely dry and dry.

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Method 2 / Dry the flowers in the microwave

They are needed
desiccant (silica gel)
container with microwave

The steps you need to follow:
Start by removing all the leaves from the stem.
Fill the container with a thin layer of dryer (a moisture-absorbing substance), silicagel is one of the most popular.
Now place your flower on this mattress.
Cover with an extra layer so that your flower is completely buried under the dryer. If your flowers are small, you can put many in the same pot, just make sure everything is covered with the substance used.
In the microwave, place the container full of dryer and flowers and a mug full of water.
Heat in the microwave for 30 seconds, checking the condition of the petals each time. It usually takes about 2-3 minutes for the flowers to dry.
Once the flowers are dry, bury them again in the silica gel and let them sit for 24 hours.




















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